I reached the triple number!

PicsArt_1435830797538 Hey there bookish people!

I REALLY CAN’T BELIEVE I REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS! Okay, okay, I should calm downPicsArt_1435830873232 and stop shouting but really I can’t wipe off this stupid smile from my face. To be honest I never thought I would reach 100, 30 or 40 maybe but not 100, that also in a short span of time! This became possible for you guys. I love you guys so much, thank you for supporting me and following me. This really, really means a lot to me. ❤ I will try to be more consistent and “more me” from now onwards.

I was in a dilemma before opening the blog because college life is pretty hectic, I didn’t think I would be able to keep up but in a sudden impulse I started this blog (that’s why the huge crazy and weird domain name!) and I don’t regret it, not even a bit. Because I have gained so many good friends during these 4 months. I really don’t have anyone in my real life who actually understands my crazy passion for books but now I have so many of you with whom I get to share my craziness and fangirling together is like an added bonus with a cherry on top. 😀

Once again,




(Disclaimer: Pictures taken from brother Google. 😛 )