Daydreaming Books Turns One! || Plus Some Screaming and Stuff!


Heeeeey guys!!

So Daydreaming Books finally turned one!! Yaaayiee! I am sooo happy!

But apparently it was on 2nd March. 😛 Somehow I managed to miss that. Actually, I have a quite legit reason. I have been so stressed out about my family, studies, exams and everything, my life was pretty much a mess, so I guess it slipped. But slowly things are improving now.

Nonetheless, I can’t believe that my blog has turned one!! *flails* It seemed only yesterday that I started blogging. I still feel like a newbie sometimes. I’m so grateful to you guys for warmly welcoming me to this bookish community and for staying by my side throughout one whole year! I have made so many great friends since I started blogging and a special hug to all my followers! You guys rock! ❤

I hope you all continue this journey with me and I hope I can do a lot better as a blogger. Also, I want to host a giveaway for this occasion. Yipee! I might probably do that in April, so look out for that! Thank you once again guys!

Now on a serious note, can I scream a little bit? My final exams starts in 15 days and we still received a huge bundle of notes today, now that I look at the total bundle, it’s soooo thick!! I don’t know how I’m gonna manage. Pretty much everyone in our tution was acting a bit crazy… So am I okay?

To get into the master’s degree program I have to do well do maintain an overall fair percentage. *sighs* Wish me the best guys! I really hope everything turns out well!

I’ll stop the screaming and stuff now. Sooo… stay safe and stay bookish! ❤