Daydreaming Books Turns One! || Plus Some Screaming and Stuff!


Heeeeey guys!!

So Daydreaming Books finally turned one!! Yaaayiee! I am sooo happy!

But apparently it was on 2nd March. πŸ˜› Somehow I managed to miss that. Actually, I have a quite legit reason. I have been so stressed out about my family, studies, exams and everything, my life was pretty much a mess, so I guess it slipped. But slowly things are improving now.

Nonetheless, I can’t believe that my blog has turned one!! *flails* It seemed only yesterday that I started blogging. I still feel like a newbie sometimes. I’m so grateful to you guys for warmly welcoming me to this bookish community and for staying by my side throughout one whole year! I have made so many great friends since I started blogging and a special hug to all my followers! You guys rock! ❀

I hope you all continue this journey with me and I hope I can do a lot better as a blogger. Also, I want to host a giveaway for this occasion. Yipee! I might probably do that in April, so look out for that! Thank you once again guys!

Now on a serious note, can I scream a little bit? My final exams starts in 15 days and we still received a huge bundle of notes today, now that I look at the total bundle, it’s soooo thick!! I don’t know how I’m gonna manage. Pretty much everyone in our tution was acting a bit crazy… So am I okay?

To get into the master’s degree program I have to do well do maintain an overall fair percentage. *sighs* Wish me the best guys! I really hope everything turns out well!

I’ll stop the screaming and stuff now. Sooo… stay safe and stay bookish! ❀

30 thoughts on “Daydreaming Books Turns One! || Plus Some Screaming and Stuff!

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  3. Oh my God, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!! *hands you an entire cake, chocolates, ice cream, all the good stuff*
    I am so sorry I missed this, Poulami. One day we will meet and I will make it up to you! ❀
    It so lovely to be on this journey with you and here's to many more fun times!
    Best of luck on your exams! Be sure to take some breathers and destress. You can do it! πŸ’™

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    • Aw… Thank you so much Tasha πŸ˜€

      Damn, you made me hungry! Nonetheless thanks for the good stuff! XD I’m definitely, positively sure we are going to meet one day and it’s going to be epic!
      I definitely hope so! Can’t wait for them to get over!!


    • Thank you! πŸ˜€

      All the very best to you too. I have decided what I want to do for my master’s but getting into the choice of my university seems like a pretty tough fight!


  4. HAPPY BLOGVERSARY!! *flings confetti in the air* WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY. And omg, that sounds like a lot of good reasons to forget! Eeep. I hope you don’t get too stressed out doing aaaall these things. GOOD LUCK your final exams! *sends cake*

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  5. YAY!!! It’s good to hear that we’ve started blogging at the same month! Happy first Blogiversary to us!!!! This feels like celebrating our birthdays together! LOL!
    Anyway, Best of luck for your finals! πŸ˜€

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