Daydreaming Discussions- Do Other People’s Ratings & Reviews Affect Your Opinion of That Book? || Plus Giveaway Winners!


Hey there guys! Welcome to Daydreaming Discussions. This is a monthly feature created by me where I discuss anything bookish related or sometimes it might be about any non-bookish things as well. Also be prepared for a lot of ramblings and rantings and you’re very welcome to be a part of the discussion.

So today’s topic is-


For me, yes it does.

But let’s talk from the beginning. I love reading reviews. Well, it’s one of the most important reason why I started a blog of my own. Well that and sharing my own opinion as well. So, usually I check out the ratings and reviews on Goodreads before buying a book.

As we all know there are two kinds of reviews- positive and negative. They both affect us in different ways.

1. The book has low rating or has lots of negative reviews-

After I discovered Goodreads, I always check out a few non-spoilery reviews and the overall rating of the book if I want to read a book or buy it. But if that book has received a lot of negative reviews, then it kind of makes me question if I would be able to enjoy that book or not which brings me to my next point.

2. Positive reviews raise our expectations-

If the alternate happens, i.e. if a book has received a lot of positive reviews. Usually that increases the hype and raises our expectations about that particular book. But what if we end up disliking it? Then it feels like the disappointment is kind of double.

3. Review of my trusted blogger friends matters-

There are a few bloggers in the blogosphere whose opinions I trust and also because we have similar taste in books. So, I’m lucky if that person has read that book by any chance because their opinions matter a lot to me. If their review is positive then I don’t hesitate as I know there only a slight chance that I might not like it but if their opinion is negative then that book goes down in my tbr.

4. If I already Have the book-

Because of all above stated reasons I usually try not to read reviews if I already have the book, i.e. I bought it or borrowed it without reading any reviews. Because every book has some negative reviews and reading them makes me discourage to read that book so I tend to avoid reading them at all. But I do read them after I have finished reading that book.

5. If it’s an author I love I am going to read it anyway-

There are of course exceptions! If it’s one of my favourite author, then nothing can stop me from reading that book. That’s a fact. I think a lot of you will agree with me here. 🙂

Which leads us to our conclusion-

Ultimately, it depends on you because you are your best judge!

Sometimes if a book has a lot of negative reviews and despite that I still go for it, I may be disappointed but I might just be surprised as well, in a good way.

So yeah, my advice is trust your instincts and go for it of you really wanna read that book!

What do you guys think? ’m dying to know your opinion about today’s topic! Share your thoughts with me!

Giveaway Winners!

I hosted a giveaway in celebration of my one year blogiversary!

Today I finally chose the winners, well rafflecopter chose actually. 😛 So the winners are-
Gennifer Eccles and Marie Voinson.

Congratulatins to both of you! I’ll be emailing you both about your prizes very soon!

28 thoughts on “Daydreaming Discussions- Do Other People’s Ratings & Reviews Affect Your Opinion of That Book? || Plus Giveaway Winners!

  1. Instead of my opinion of the book reviews tend to affect whether I pick a book up for purchase. Now, since I’m sort of running out of shelf space (I’ve started double stacking my shelves) I’ve been more careful of only buying books that I really, really want to read. But I do definitely think ratings/reviews by my blogger friends affect how I view or enjoy a book. Usually I tend to love the books people recommend me anyway (maybe because some of us have know each other so long and have grown to know each other’s tastes), but sometimes the recommended books can be a disappointment as well (i.e. Unteachable), which makes me sort of feel bad. Anyway, great topic, Poulami! Thanks for sharing the discussion with us!

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    • I totally degree, it does defer for different books! Sometimes we give it a try and sometimes we don’t! Though the final decision depends on us only!
      Thanks Summer! 🙂

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  3. I appreciate book bloggers because they put books on my radar, but once they are on my radar I avoid reviews for the books because I know I can be affected by other people’s opinions. I recently read and for the most part enjoyed Dangerous by Shannon Hale. However, it mostly received lukewarm reviews. I’m sure had I read those reviews before reading, I would have been deterred from even picking up the book.

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    • Yeah, though I cannot resist myself most of the times from reading reviews! I do try but I unfailingly fail!
      And I totally understand your next point, if I already have a book I try avoiding reading reviews and go in with a neutral perspective and also if I really wanna read a particular book I go for it anyway! 🙂


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  5. Sometimes I’ll read a negative review and reailze that a book I enjoyed is actually structurally not that great. But reviews seldom affect my decision to read a book in the first place. People have different tastes so what someone hated might be something I’ll love. However, if i read a review and it says something like the heroine is in an abusive relationship that is depicted positively, well, then I might lose interest. But it has to be something that I know I won’t enjoy, not someone’s personal preference like they hate seeing heroines whose names being with vowels or something.

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  6. I completely agree! I am influenced by reviewers all the time. There are a couple of bloggers that I trust implicitly because we pretty much like and hate the same books. So if she gives a high rating to a book, I automatically add it to my TBR. And if she gives a book a low rating, I automatically take it off my TBR or make a note never to read it. And if there is a book getting a lot of publicized hype, but the average Goodreads review is less than three stars, I don’t even bother. Great post!

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    • I’m exactly affected like that as well! And most of the time it works for me though there are always a few exceptions!
      And thank you! 🙂


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  8. I definitely do get influenced by others opinions!! Which I don’t mind AT ALL because it helps me figure out what to spend my precious time on. ;D Unless, of course, it’s already from my favourite author, then I’ll read no matter what. Or if the book just sounds genuinely REALLY good and then I go with it no matter if all my friends hated it XD hehe.

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    • Yeah exactly! I do the same as well! There’s no deterring me if it’s from my favourite author or if I’m going crazy about that book! 🙂


  9. I second Marie! Ever since starting book blogging, I’ve become more receptive of other people’s opinions of a book.

    BUT, I’ve also learned that I’m super curious! Even if a book has received bad reviews (though it does depend on why it was poorly rated), I might give it a go anyway. Conversely, if a book does super well and there’s a ton of hype and everyone loves it, I always get the sinking feeling I won’t like it either (i.e. Clockwork Angel, The Hunger Games, Shatter Me…)

    Nonetheless, like you said, I end up reading what I want, regardless of people’s opinions, which I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing!

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    • Pretty much the same here. I mean I try to be neutral and give the book a try but if there are 70% negative reviews, it kind of deters me.

      The same happened with Shatter Me, my expectations were soaring high for that book but alas! It failed my expectations but I totally understand what you mean. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂


  10. OHHH I never win anything, ahahah, oh thank you SO much for this giveaway, for making it international, and all, it’s so SO sweet of you, thank you, THANK YOU!! ❤ ❤
    I really love this discussion, and, since I started book blogging, I find myself more and more influenced by other people's thoughts, ratings and stuff. I always check the rating on Goodreads before adding a book to my TBR, and if I see that it's low, or/and that some friends rated the book badly, it makes me question a bit whether I want to read it, or not.But even if there's a hyped book and I'm not too interested in reading it, or a underhyped book but I am way too curious about it, well then I think I'll check it out anyway 🙂

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  11. Excellent points!

    I think I am sometimes influenced by other’s reviews – especially if it’s a person that I trust and have similar tastes to. Most times I will still read the book though because I’m an extremely curious person who has to experience everything for myself, haha.

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  12. Love this discussion! ❤ I mostly get affected by reviews from fellow book blogger friends that I know. However (being me), I usually too lazy to read reviews before I read the book anyway and only do so when I’m about half-way through… *nervous laugh* 😅 Not the best kind of habit, but it does help sometimes.

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  13. Other people’s opinions have no affect on me really. Just because even my closest friends and I have different opinions so I love other people;s recommendations but I won’t like or not like something just because someone else does. I also don’t read other people’s reviews until after I’ve read the book 🙂


  14. I totally agree with all of those facts! I’m a curious reader! If a book intrigues me then nothing can stop me from reading it. I’m one of those readers who’ll love to check out hyped books and I don’t regret reading them even if it was turned out to be a disappointment. TOo much negative reviews on a book will definitely effect my thoughts on it but they are quite helpful when you have pretty high expectations on it.

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