Review: Life After Juliet by Shannon Lee Alexander

Title: Life After Juliet

Author: Shannon Lee Alexander

Standalone (Companion novel to Life and Other Unknown Variables)

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Young-Adult]

Heat Rating: Cool

Page Count and Format: 304 pages, Ebook

Expected Publication: July 5th 2016 by Entangled: Teen

Source: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: PicsArt_1444558511051

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Becca Hanson was never able to make sense of the real world. When her best friend Charlotte died, she gave up on it altogether. Fortunately, Becca can count on her books to escape—to other times, other places, other people…

Until she meets Max Herrera. He’s experienced loss, too, and his gorgeous, dark eyes see Becca the way no one else in school can.

As it turns out, kissing is a lot better in real life than on a page. But love and life are a lot more complicated in the real world…and happy endings aren’t always guaranteed.

The companion novel to Love and Other Unknown Variables is an exploration of loss and regret, of kissing and love, and most importantly, a celebration of hope and discovering a life worth living again.


I really loved this book, at first I felt a little bored but as I went on with the story I was deeper sucked into the life of the characters and everything felt so real which made this book a pretty interesting read.

Becca is devastated after the loss of her best and only friend Charlotte, she doesn’t know what to do anymore. Max is the only person who puts up an effort to talk to her, then a weird twist lands her up in the spotlight. Despite not wanting to move on, Becca begins to experience life for the first time which isn’t devoid of surprising twists and turns.

I loved the whole story! The beginning was a bit slow and sad. Maybe I couldn’t feel the full impact because I haven’t read Life and Other Unknown Variables but as the story moves forward it definitely makes up for it. Becca doesn’t have a clue about how she’s supposed to move on after her best friends’s death. She never had many friends and her brother’s in another town after he got into college, she’s feels all alone except when she’s with her books and fictional characters. I loved the friendship that was depicted in this book! It was so beautiful. It was the main focus than the romance which I definitely didn’t mind. The last part of this book was absolutely mind blowing and fantastic, I enjoyed so much how everything turned out!


Becca was a unique yet a normal character and on the other hand absolutey someone with whom I could related to. She was going through so much, she was simply afraid but in the end the effort counts if you want to face your fears or not and she did it! Max was such a sweetheart. He never pushed her and just supported her and in his own way he helped her. I loved Darby! She had a twisted mind, at first I thought I hated her, then as the story proceeded I didn’t know what to think of her but then I could finally see that she was such an amazing person although Becca and her made an unlikely team but I loved their friendship anyway! All the other characters were pretty great and I also loved the family aspect of this book, especially the sibling love, it was so realistic, made me wish I had a big brother like Charlie!

Overall, Life After Juliet was a great read! I enjoyed the plot and the characters kept me interested throughout the story. The plot twists were pretty awesome as well! The writing was smooth and easy to read and the pace was even throughout the book. I would definitely love to read more from this author.

Recommend it?


Sooo guys, are you interested in reading this book? Have you read Life and Other Unknown Variables? How was your experience? And what are you expecting from this book? Share your thoughts with me!

12 thoughts on “Review: Life After Juliet by Shannon Lee Alexander

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  2. Great review Poulami! I saw this on Netgalley and was contemplating requesting it. But I would rather read the first companion novel first so I could get the full impact. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

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