Week 2- Camp NaNoWriMo Update! And plans for Week 3!


Hey guys! How are you all doing this week?

This post is going to be pretty short as I’ll give a quick update about how I’m faring in Camp NaNoWriMo so far. To read about my previous week’s update and my novel’s blurb (well… kind of), you can click here.

So as I told you guys earlier, week 1 was pretty good for me. I have already reached my minimal goal of 15K. So I’ve updated my goal to 25K now. It’s not much but I’m willing to push myself further.

Also, previously I was writing from a single POV though a second POV was thrown in between at regular intervals. But then I noticed that it was kind of becoming monotonous plus I’ve seen most of the NA novels have alternating point of views. I understood that why more deeply. Therefore I made a few changes which actually helped me. I was stuck but due to this change I was successful in outlining most of my chapters yesterday night. Only a few are left! 😀

But this week’s progress has been slow as I couldn’t write these past 3 days as I’ve been quite sick but I’m feeling better now so I’m going to get back to writing today.

My plans for week 3 is…. to write of course! But progress is going to be slow as well because I have a big test this upcoming Friday and I’ve got a loooot of studying to do but I have got the last week free, so I mostly plan to catch up on that week but I’m going to try my best and continue writing as much as possible this week!

Are you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month? How’s your writing coming along? Have you face any difficulties along the way? If yes, then how have you overcome it?

2 thoughts on “Week 2- Camp NaNoWriMo Update! And plans for Week 3!

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