The Autumn Book Tag!

Thank you so much Liesje @ A Thousand Lives for tagging me in the Autumn Book Tag! (Cover image borrowed from her as well!). I do have many old tags to carry out but this was the most appropriate tag for this month, so yeah!

1. What is your favorite thing about autumn?

My most favourite thing, actually two things about this season, are the weather and the puja holidays. The weather’s pretty good during this time which is a relief from the scorching heat that rules the rest of the year. And also Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals, in West Bengal, so yeah the holidays are pretty much it.

2. What book reminds you of your school days?

The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton and the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast. These were the two series I gave my utmost importance to during my school days, I think!

3. What cover reminds you of autumn?

Maybe this one? I don’t know… but the vibrant colour felt autumny to me! You can read my review of Poison, here.

4. What’s your favorite horror or Halloween story?

I am not much of a fan of horror. I don’t think I have read any creepy books yet but…

… this is as close to I can get. Though Lucid was a pretty great read, you can read my review, here.

5. What is your favorite horror or Halloween film?

Again, I avoid horror films. The last horror flick I watched was Conjuring (Part 1) with a friend. I need a partner to watch a horror movie with otherwise I end up skipping and watching the whole movie in 5 minutes.

6. What fall book release(s) are you looking forward to?

I’m reading Illuminae right now and ohmygosh it is sooo good! I’m definitely looking forward to Gemina the most!! (But oh why is Amazon not showing a hardcover option for my beloved?!)
I’m also pretty interested in reading Replica by Lauren Oliver. (Ooooh the cover! ❤ )

7. What autumn movie release are you anticipating?


Can’t waaaait for both of these!!

8. What are the 3 books you plan to read this autumn?


I’m planning to read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini and maybe Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon.

I am tagging- all the Autumn lovers!


So guys, do we have any books in common? Have you read any from my list? If yes, how has been your experience? Which books and movies are you anticipating the most?

15 thoughts on “The Autumn Book Tag!

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    • That I am, so I am bracing myself! I just finished Illuminae and I’m blooooown away, so I’ll be probably be starting A Monster Calls today or tomorrow!! So excited!


  4. I finished Replica a few days ago and really enjoyed it! The best way to read it is definitely alternating perspectives, maybe 2-3 chapters (I switched every chapter). It wasn’t as amazing as I hoped but still interesting! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it ☺ A Monster Calls was pretty average tbh but I’m also excited for the movie! I think it’ll show the story a lot better

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  5. I can’t wait to get my hands on Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them! The film is supposed to come out the same day as the book so if I’m really fast, I might get to experience both versions on the same day (Nov24th) ! The trailer was so cool!

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