Review: Operation Prom Date by Cindi Madsen

Operation Prom dateTitle: Operation Prom Date
Author: Cindi Madsen
Series: Tactics in Flirting, book 1 [Can be read as a standalone]
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Young-Adult]
Heat Rating: Cool
Page Count and Format: 223 pages, Ebook
Expected Publication: March 13th 2017 by Entangled: Crush
Source: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
My Rating:

4 stars

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Kate ships tons of fictional couples, but IRL her OTP is her and Mick, the hot quarterback she’s crushed on since, like, forever. With only one semester left of senior year, it’s now or never if she wants to land him in time for prom. Since she’s flirtationally challenged, she enlists Cooper Callihan, the guy who turned popular seemingly overnight but who used to be a good friend.

Cooper lives and breathes rowing, but his partner just broke his wrist. When he remembers Kate’s good with a set of oars, he strikes a deal: help him train, and he’ll make sure her crush notices her. Only he didn’t know how addicting spending time with her would be. Or how the more successful the Operation is, the more jealousy he experiences.

The mission has been set. The troops have their marching orders. But what if the target is the wrong guy all along?

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains stargazing, accidental swimming, and poker swindling. This kissing practice will melt your e-reader…and give you a new couple to ship.

My Thoughts

This book was oh so cute! I am glad to say March started off well. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this book this much but I absolutely did. There were predictable moments but the overall it was a really good read.

Kate loves her fictional world and as much as she ships her OTPs, she has tough time sailing her own boat. So, when Cooper offers her help in exchange to be his rowing partner, she agrees. But as much time they spend with each other, unpredictable feelings arise between them but Kate has always wanted to go to prom with her longtime crush Mick. Will Kate realize her true feelings for Cooper before it’s too late?

The plot was predictable but it was definitely fun and as a result, I enjoyed it sooo much! Kate is a hopeless romantic but flirtationally challenged, she hasn’t been able to even talk to her crush, Mick with whom she desperately wants to go to prom. So, when Cooper lends a hand, she agrees and this mission Operation Prom Date is born! First of all, I really loved the friendship between Cooper and Kate, I enjoyed the banter between them. Both of them were comfortable in their own skin while they were with each other which is a fact that I really loved.

As their friendship grew, both of them started having feelings for each another but Kate was torn between the two while Cooper didn’t act on his feelings either. There really isn’t a love triangle in this book, thank God for that but Kate was really afraid of being rejected by Cooper, so she just went on with her plan. I would have liked if she handled her situation a little maturely. Nonetheless, I could understand her insecurities. Shipping couples in shows in one thing while trying to do something yourself in a whole different turn but I loved the fact that she stayed true to her feelings and morals. 

Kate was such a fun character, I could relate soo much with her. She loves a lot of shows that I love and honestly there were so many ship names in this book. My shipping heart absolutely loved it! So much! And even more, I loved Cooper because although half the things went over his head, he always listened to what was important to her, even if it was a tv show or her pet lizard named Klaus. (I know… XD)

Overall, Operation Prom Date was a fun read. I plot was executed neatly and I fell in love with the characters. Kate and Cooper were absolutely amazing and I definitely shipped them! The romance was little less but I loved every bit of it. The writing was smooth and easy to read and the pace was even throughout the book.

Recommend it?


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  2. Ohhh that book sounds so cute, and I love the friends turning into more trope so, so much! I think I’ll keep that one on my radar for the summer time, when I love to read tons of cute books like that ahah 🙂 Lovely review!

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