TV Show Review: Full House (Thai)

Show Name: Full House (Thai)
Episodes: 20
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Comedy
Director: Saratswadee Wongsomphet
Cast: D’Angelo Mike, Manaying Sushar, Panichkul Uttsada, Janesuda Jane, Nisachon Siothaisong, Wittawat Arisara
My Rating: 


Aom is a writer who got swindled out of her house during her trip to Korea. She finds out that her house was sold to Mike and in an attempt to get her possessions back, she enters a contract marriage with Mike for one year. Though she lost everything, Aom remains optimistic and takes things in strike. What started out as a business relationship between the two becomes personal as they start to care for each other.


The plot was definitely predictable but it was pretty enjoyable as well. When Aom-am gets duped by her own sister, she is forced to make a deal with the new house owner, Mike who is a superstar. I sooo love this trope! And it was perfectly executed in this show. Mike and Aom-am begins to develop feelings for one another how much they try to stay away from each other, they genuinely being to enjoy each other’s company after some time but things begin to take a different turn with Mintra in the picture. Although there wasn’t a full-fledged love triangle but it was almost like that which made it impossible for me to stop after one episode. This show was pretty addicting. There were so many laugh-at-loud moments as well as heartbreaking ones. There were a few things I wanted it to go differently but the ending made everything absolutely okay.


Mike (D’Angelo Mike)  I loved his character. He’s a famous star but he begins to care for Aom-am when they start pretending to be playing house for a whole year. But he’s quite impulsive and not-so-good at decision making because there were seriously some moments when I just wanted to hit him with a saucepan (I don’t know why I always want to hit people with a sauce pan…lmao). When he was with Aom-am he was a totally different guy. Most of the guys think it’s mighty difficult to understand a girl, but just small things are the ones which make a difference, just like there were some moments that absolutely melted my heart and those were completely swoon-worthy. Nonetheless, whenever he was with Mintra, he couldn’t absolutely deny her anything. I get it, he was in love with her since his childhood but after he married Aom-am, even though it was kind of fake, he should have at least told her. He sure did but he should have a lot earlier because dude you were getting me confused.

Aom-am (Manaying Sushar) She was just adorable, I loved her bubbly and cheerful personality. She was caring and forgiving despite the fact what her sister did to her for money which was pretty savage. Nonetheless, I enjoyed her sense of humour and she was very dedicated and hardworking towards her book, she never gave up on it despite being rejected for a number of times. When she actually confessed her feelings for Mike, that scene was really heartbreaking and I kinda pretty much broke down. And she was just amazing when she went for Mike knowing that he would never actually say it himself.

Guy (Panichkul Uttsada) Guy was a great guy! Oh well… xD He was genuinely caring and was always there whenever his friends needed him. Without his push and help Aom-am would never have completed her novel and he was the one who called out Mintra on whatever game she was playing with Mike. I really felt bad for him in the end, he’s a guy who deserved a happy ending but he handled everything so maturely. He was a true gentleman.

Mintra (Janesuda Jane)– Oh God! I hated her so much!! She always had feelings for Guy but when he tells her that he sees her only as a sister, she makes up her mind to go for Mike despite knowing that he’s married. She tried full on to break Mike and Aom-am apart and this was the only time I really felt angry with Mike because he didn’t stop Mintra wither when it was clear how much Aom-am was getting hurt. Though she redeemed herself at the very end, I wouldn’t have been so forgiving as Aom-am.

The Romance:

I really, really loved the romance in this show. It’s not heavily reliable on it but the few moments were pretty enough to showcase the evolving relationship between Mike and Aom-am, they had the perfect chemistry. Although they went on their (fake) honeymoon trip, the few itsy-bitsy bits were more than enough for me and sooo damn cute. And that ice-cream eating shoot for the advertisement was hot as hell!


Full House was a really fun watch. I binged watched it in two days! The plot was enjoyable and I loved the character growth. The chemistry between Mike and Aom-am was absolutely amazing. I am pretty satisfied with this show, it was just amazing.

Recommend it?


So guys, have any of you watched this show? If yes, what did you think about it? Any recommendations are absolutely welcome!

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  1. You know di, it was good to know someone I know like this trope as well. They are so foolish and I would never like it in reality but in fiction they are so good to read and watch.

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