Blogger Spotlight: Guest post by Adhvika @ Books and Fiction

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Hey, guys! Welcome to Blogger Spotlight. This feature is going to contain interviews, guest post, and other fun stuff! So stay tuned for more fun in the future.

For this month’s edition, I bring you a guest post by Adhvika @ Books and Fiction about tips and tricks about bookstagram! So, without further ado…

Hey everyone this is Adhvika, @fangirlalert07_ on Instagram! If you haven’t heard of bookstagram, it is a booklovers community on instagram who share their love for books through pictures on Instagram.

I’ve been bookstagramming for almost a year now and have almost reached 2000 followers. I get messages, emails and requests all the time about my bookstagram and how I edit my pictures and how I gain followers on Instagram. So here are a few tips I’d like to share with all of you about editing pictures for bookstagram and how to make your photos look better and enhanced.

Tip 1: THEME
If you’re just starting bookstagram take it slow, click different pictures, don’t restrict yourself to a theme…explore different styles! Be brave. Try and improvise on these pictures over time until you find a style/theme you like best. Having a makes your bookstagram appear collected, well organised and pleasing to peoples eyes. I say this with experience, having a theme helps and if you’re bored, no problem, change your theme. You can keep changing your theme as many times as you like it is completely dependent upon you. And don’t restruct yourself to a theme unless and until you absolutely loveeeee it!

One of the most important ways to gain followers or viewers on instagram is to be involved in the community and interact with your fellow book lovers, like their pictures, comment on them, share your thoughts!

Download a software for editing your pictures it can be any app! From photoshop, to VSCO or any other app you like. I use VSCO. It has pretty good filters and enhancing factors.

But first you have to click good quality pictures, use a decent camera, mobile camera works just fine, I have been using a mobile camera since forever but see to it that the picture is clear and sharp, you can increase the sharpness while editing it.

Try enhancing factors such as: brightness, sharpness, contrast features, shadows, etc. Editing helps a lot. When I first started Bookstagramming my pictures were very dull and that’s when I discovered VSCO! It’s my personal opinion that you guys should use this app, its great and it’s very easy to use and your pictures look a whole lot better.

Filters instantly make your pictures appear better and more attractive! The trick is to choose the right filter. One that isn’t too bright for the eye a perfect filter that isn’t too dull or boring but had the best impact on your photo! Filters are a great way to uplift your pictures and make them look more beautiful with the least effort.

Many people have been victims of stolen content plenty of times on bookstagram! I recommend watermarking each and every picture of yours. Even if according to you the picture doesn’t need a watermark, you still should, people steal any content! Watermarking ensures that this doesn’t happen. I have also started watermarking my pictures and honestly it has a very nice personalised touch to it and it says that it belongs to me. Even though sometimes I feel extremely lazy to do it, I will myself to!

These were some tips for bookstagram and how to maintain a beautiful bookstagram account. Hope you guys find these tips useful and make good use of them. Check out my bookstagram account:

A huge thanks to Poulami for this opportunity, it was very fun doing this post.

Blogger Bio:

IMG-20170122-WA0035Hey! I’m Adhvika and I’m 14 years old. I’m in the 9th grade and have been a voracious reader since I was a toddler. I love reviewing books as much as I love reading them!

You can email me anytime if you want to discuss books or want me to review your book! My email id:

Find her at:

Blog || Instagram

So guys, what do you think? Did you find this post helpful?

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