Review: The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott || Where the romance gave me butterflies in my stomach

Title: The Butterfly Project
Author: Emma Scott
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [New-Adult]
Heat Rating: Warm
Page Count and Format: 276 pages, Ebook
Published: February 28th 2017
Source: Won in a giveaway! (Thanks Raven!)
My Rating:


Blurb (from Goodreads):

“Where you are is home…”

At age fourteen, Zelda Rossi witnessed the unthinkable, and has spent the last ten years hardening her heart against the guilt and grief. She channels her pain into her art: a dystopian graphic novel where vigilantes travel back in time to stop heinous crimes—like child abduction—before they happen. Zelda pitches her graphic novel to several big-time comic book publishers in New York City, only to have her hopes crash and burn. Circumstances leave her stranded in an unfamiliar city, and in an embarrassing moment of weakness, she meets a guarded young man with a past he’d do anything to change…

Beckett Copeland spent two years in prison for armed robbery, and is now struggling to keep his head above water. A bike messenger by day, he speeds around New York City, riding fast and hard but going nowhere, his criminal record holding him back almost as much as the guilt of his crime.

Zelda and Beckett form a grudging alliance of survival, and in between their stubborn clash of wills, they slowly begin to provide each other with the warmth of forgiveness, healing, and maybe even love. But when Zelda and Beckett come face to face with their pasts, they must choose to hold on to the guilt and regret that bind them, or let go and open their hearts for a shot at happiness.

The Butterfly Project is a novel that reveals the power of forgiveness, and how even the smallest decisions of the heart can—like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings—create currents that strengthen into gale winds, altering the course of a life forever.

The Butterfly Project was seriously a heart-melting read. I felt the love, I felt the pain, I felt the heart-wrenching emotions that the characters went through which made it impossible to put this book down. I truly enjoyed the ride!

Zelda still considered herself guilty for not being careful which led to the abduction of her sister when she was a kid. Beckett Copeland did something unthinkable, which led him to spend two years in jail. Now, he’s out and he prays for forgiveness everyday but is not able to led a simple life as guilt eats him alive every single day. When the two meet, there’s something between them they both can’t ignore. Will they choose their past actions to guide their present or will they be finally able to move forward together?

“Where you are is home.”

I seriously fell in love with this book. Zelda and Beckett’s past had not been forgiving with them. Whereas Zelda felt the helplessness to save her sister while she was abducted in front of her eyes, Beckett did something he didn’t imagine he could ever do to someone. Both of them are broken inside. Zelda’s only hope of salvation is by completing her graphic novel where she feels she’ll do her sister some justice and Beckett writes letters afters letters asking for forgiveness to the one person he wronged without getting any replies for years. Their fates cross by chance and when Zelda in forced to take Beckett’s help, a slow and strong bonding starts developing between the two.

“I once read that you fell in love like how you fell asleep: slowly at first and then all at once.”

The chemistry between Zelda and Beckett was undeniable. I loooved how much Beckett cared about Zelda but never-ever crossed the over possessive line. The relationship between the two developed slowly which made the romance seriously awesome! One of the things I loved about this book was that despite how much their past haunted them, they were brave enough to take a chance about falling in love. And the lesson they learned from each other’s company was rather invaluable and it melted my heart how Beckett was there beside her when she needed him the most! He was true gentleman! At first Beckett was a bit reluctant, but then he became so much involved with the graphic novel of Zelda’s. It didn’t remain her only salvation, it became theirs.

“Wasn’t love a kind of chaos theory? One small look, one smile or one word could alter the course of a life forever.”

Zelda never trusted anyone to share her story with but she found that in Beckett. He was the one she could truly trust and be herself. It was his presence that calmed her down the most but it also gave butterflies in her stomach. I was engaged in their story from the very beginning till I turned the last page. I also enjoyed the family aspect of this book, however little that may be.

Overall, The Butterfly Project was a fantastic read, a story about forgiving oneself and healing. I loved how the plot was executed and I fell in love with the characters and their story. I loved the romance between Zelda and Beckett. The writing was beautiful and smooth and the pace was even throughout the book. I’m really looking forward to pick up more books by this author.

Recommend it?


So guys, have you read this book yet? What are your thoughts on it?

11 thoughts on “Review: The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott || Where the romance gave me butterflies in my stomach

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  2. Romances that are slow to develop and are given the chance to flourish are some of my favorites, especially when they’re coupled with hard-hitting topics. This sounds like something right up my ally – I’ll definitely look into it. Great review, Poulami! 🙂

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

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  3. Oh such a lovely review, that book sounds so good – and I love this cover, stunning ❤ I'm a bit sad there isn't a big place for the family in the story, but otherwise it sounds so heartwarming and everything, I might have to give this a shot 🙂

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