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Hey there guys! Welcome to Daydreaming Discussions. This is a monthly feature created by me where I discuss anything bookish related or sometimes it might be about any non-bookish things as well. Also, be prepared for a lot of ramblings and rantings and you’re very welcome to be a part of the discussion.

Today I wanted to talk about-

In June’s Daydreaming Discussions, I discussed the physical aspects of my bookish pet peeves. So, today I wanted to discuss the bookish aspects, aka the things in the story that can quickly turn me off which also causes me to lose interest in a particular story. So, here’s my list!

1. Trigger Warning

This is of utmost importance. This helps the people who are sensitive to particular subjects an option if they want to read that content or not. I have read quite a few books which dealt with sensitive topics yet there were no warnings before hand and that is not acceptable. Some didn’t affect me and some did and the results were not pleasant. So, I hope that from now on books which deal with such topics should definitely contain a trigger warning.

2. More girl love

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There are not enough strong and positive female friendships, especially in YA. One of the most common patterns of girl on girl hate is because they have feelings for the same boy and they are ready to go to the utmost limit to get what they what. How about some dignity? *sighs* Anyway, this is something I really hate and it’s pretty much common in every book. Another one is the Queen bee who manipulates other girls according to her own needs. I am seriously sick of this trope. Of course, there are books which have beautiful female friendships but we need more! I need more books where girls are there for each other and who would better understand them than other girls. Instead of using that for negative advantage, this trope should be used in a positive way. I think not only me, but most of us would appreciate it.

3. Love triangles

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If you have been following my blog for some time now, you will know how much I despise love triangles. I haaaate it. Usually, I tend to avoid books with love triangles but I can’t rule out all of them. I hate when a person can’t decide who they really love and string along both of them sometimes. I don’t enjoy this particular indecisiveness.

4. Platonic Relationships

A boy and a girl can be friends without falling in love. This is seriously so rare. Most of the time there are multiple boys falling for the same girl because she is just extraordinary, gorgeous, beautiful and blah blah blah. How about some realism? This doesn’t happen in real life at all !! I really, really hate this trope. Why can’t they show a beautiful friendship between a boy and girl without any romantic relationship? And even if there is a friendship like that, most of the time the male character is gay. Is it so hard to be friends with the opposite sex with being straight? I simply don’t get it.

5. Immature/Absent Parents

Why? Oh, why? This is also something, especially common in YA. Most of the times either the parents are dead or they are immature like a 1-year-old. Seriously? I don’t understand how parents can be represented in a negative light all the time. Okay, I understand there are some people who don’t understand their own child but not every freaking one is like that. There is rarely any book where I find a healthy parent-child relationship, though lately I have read a few which had some decent parent-child relationship but we need more!! Anyway, a parent is one of the root cause how a child grows up, they are the building blocks. They help us understand a lot of things and guide us into a whole new world. The parents in the books are either too selfish or too strict to care about their child’s need. But they are an essentially important part in every child’s life and I can’t understand how this crucial aspect can simply be ignored just like that.

6. Killing off the main character

Ugh! The worst! Authors love killing off their darlings but when they kill off the main character, it is simply too much for me. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth and I would never ever pick that series up again. I got spoiled for two series in which the main character is killed off in the end. Whereas I didn’t pick up the one series but I already started the other one but now I am reluctant to continue it.

7. More focus on physical aspect

I do not appreciate when a character falls in love with the other just because he/she is freaking gorgeous. I read quite a few books and that is quite disturbing. What about how he/she actually is as a person? I am someone who suffers from body image issues and when I read this stuff, it makes my self-confidence lower. I particularly remember a book where the girl continued to think how hot the guy was throughout the book and I just wanted to throw away my e-reader. Seriously? It’s not only cliched but not body positive either.

8. Pacing

I am going to end this on a lighter note. XD But pacing is one of the most vital factors which affects my reading in a major way. If the pacing is slow I lose interest quite fast, even if there is something awesome later on but my attention is already wavering, it’ll also end up affecting my rating for that book.

So what do you guys think? Do you agree with any of these? Have you felt the same problem as me?

31 thoughts on “Daydreaming Discussions: Bookish Pet Peeves! || The Bookish Aspect

  1. Ugh some of these really tick me off too…although I confess I actually like when the main character gets killed off! It’s jarring and different, and that’s a good thing for me.😂 Buuut I HATE the girl-on-girl hate that seems so prevalent in most books? I can’t seem to get away from it and it’s sickening. If I read a book about a bunch of boys, you know they’ll form tight close friendships. But if I pick up a book with a bunch of girls, I’m in for cat-fights and bitchiness. IT’S NOT FAIR. GIRLS DON’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT. I also am tired of parents in YA who don’t do anything or care about their kids, and I waaant more awesome friendships!! Friendships are fab. ❤

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    • I know that about you!! 😂
      Isn’t it? I wish there were more books with great friendships between girls. Exactly! ❤


  2. Definitely, need more platonic relationships! I hate that we don’t have enough of them! And relationships, where it’s just about the body image, is annoying.UGH. Definitely, want more girl love but more Male MCs in YA. Nearly all YA MC’s are girls? I WANT more Males! I don’t mind love-triangles if they’re done well. Sometimes, i feel they’re so overdone but sometimes the book IS SO GOOD and the triangle is SO SUBTLE AND AMAZING AND DIVERSE, I actually really enjoy it. This is rare though.
    I have to disagree with you on the killing of the MC point. Mainly because I haven’t seen this done BADLY or enough. I feel the MC always survives, SO UNREALISTIC and I’ve never read book where the MC dies and it’s done for no reason or poorly. To be honest, I need more MC realsitic deaths!

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    • Me too!
      I fall in the 1% who don’t mind female MCs. Yes, exactly, most love-triangles mess up everything instead of making it intriguing but even I sometimes enjoy those executed well enough.
      Then you, my friend are very strong. I wish I could say that but likely I would never pick up a book from that author again if the MC dies. 🙂


  3. Ahhh yessss to SO MANY of these. I can’t stand girl hate or absent parents. I really hate how much focus there is on romantic love too. CAN’T WE JUST HAVE SOME GOOD, SOLID FRIENDSHIPS. I don’t mind if the main character dies (because I’m a sadist, apparently) but it HAS to be done right otherwise I hate it, haha.

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    • I’m glad you agree! ❤
      I want too so freaking much!! I need more beautiful and realistic portrayal of friendships in my life!
      Haha… well it makes me die inside. That, I agree too but it's still heart-breaking!


  4. Oh that minion GIF is perfect!

    I’m with you on the friendship aspects! I DETEST how women treat other women in novels. Not every girl/waitress/friend wants to get with your boyfriend. I don’t know where this “primal” instinct comes in that it’s every girl for herself and to take out all others. And I’m all about the platonic relationships!

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  5. Great Post! We definitely need more girl love in YA books. I totally agree with you on Platonic relationships! I love to read books with a girl and a boy being friends but the authors always messes it up in the end by revealing the boy have a secret crush on her which she isn’t aware of. I like Love Triangle but only if they’re well executed. I hate books where the main character gets killed or died in the end, I always avoid them. I also hate Slow paced books! They are major turnoff’s for me especially in fantasy books.

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  6. I agree with all of these! I HATE WHEN the female character is like “I’m not like other girls.”
    OR WHEN THE MALE ROMANTIC LEAD is like “You’re not like other girls.” to the girl. *cries*

    And love triangles just make me mad. Like, really? And it is especially annoying when the girl is like ”I am drawn to guy A. But guy B is a cool beans guy.”

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    • Ah, so true! Gosh, I hate when that happens.
      Love triangle is a trope which keeps on increasing day by day and for the love of unicorns, I can’t understand why!! It makes me freaking mad every time I come across a love triangle.
      Thanks for dropping by. ❤


  7. I also can’t understand that there are no warnings about explicit sex, suidice ets. Such themes should be clearly labeled! Also slow pacing is a killer, but sometimes the pace is so fast that the characters are barely developed so for me it really depends on the book. As fornthe parents, I kind of understand your point but tbh I had bad parents and a
    I know lots people who HAVE immature, too stict parents, those who don’t care or abuse their children physically/emotionally. So for me that IS a realistic depiction of many parents but of course there are lots of good examples of parents. I just think that depiction is more likely in lots of cases.

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    • Yes! There is an absolute need for that.
      Absolutely, fast pacing can be as horrendous as slow pacing.
      I do too, it’s realistic, I don’t deny that for a second but I would sometimes like to read about a loving family like in Lady Midnight, but we rarely get that.
      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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      • Right it would be nice to read about a great relationship between parents and their kids but if even we say that it is more realistic with conflicts, for an author, it might seem a poor choice to choose the ideal over the real Relationship 😂

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      • No relationship in the real world or the bookish world can be realistic without a conflict but where the parents blatantly ignore the child’s world and think they are right every single time is what bothers me. It has to be a two way street, at least sometimes.

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      • Yes, I can see what you mean. It would eb nice to read that every once in a while. I really loved Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe. If you haven’t read that, I can really recommend it 😊

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  9. Totally agree with your thoughts on the friendships! Most people in real life have so many great friendships and sometimes books don’t really portray them right, which is kind of sad. I also hate pacing because I get uninterested really fast and I doze off. 😀 I loved this post so much and could totally agree with it! ❤

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  10. Lovely post! I’m with you on more girl love as well, we need that more – same goes for parents in books, loving, present, caring about their children, we so miss that. Great post 🙂

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