BLOG LINK CHANGE || Freaking Finally!!

Hey guys!! This is just to update you guys that I was finally able to able my blog link from to which is the same as my twitter username (@DaydreaminBooks). The link’s without a G guys!

I don’t know why I didn’t search well about how to change it but thanks to Iridescence who changed her blog link and name too, I finally did it! Yay!


Also because I love sunshine!

So yup, that’s it, guys. Hope you don’t lose the way. ❤

10 thoughts on “BLOG LINK CHANGE || Freaking Finally!!

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    • I’m sometimes too oblivious.
      When I first started the first was my blog name but then it started sounding silly so I ended up changing 3 times but couldn’t figure out how to change the link and that day I figured it out in a minute. I am seriously weird, Lol. 😀

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