K-Drama Review: Kill Me, Heal Me || Intriguing with a pinch of irritating

Show Name: Kill Me, Heal Me
Episodes: 20
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Mental-Illness, [Adult]
Director:  Kim Jin-Man
Cast: Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-Eum, Park Seo-Joon, Kim Yoo-Ri, Oh Min-Suk, Choi Won-Young
My Rating: 


After a traumatic experience in his childhood, Cha Do Hyeon, a third-generation billionaire, suffers memory lapses and his personality then scattered into seven different identities. Wanting to regain control over his life he asks Oh Ri Jin, a first-year psychiatric resident, to try to helps him secretly, but she eventually falls in love with one of his personalities. Meanwhile, Ri Jin’s twin brother, Oh Ri On, is a famous mystery novelist who investigates about Do Hyeon and his family.

Okay so, this drama is super popular and super love by most people but unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought it did. I guess the case of it’s me, not you happened with me for this drama.

Cha Do Hyeon (Ji Sung) has been suffering from split personality disorder since he was a child after a certain accident but he has no previous memories of it. When his life accidentally intertwines with a psychiatric resident Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung-Eum), she decides to try and help him but slowly she starts falling for one of his personalities. But when everything threatens their future, they are both forced to relive their painful past in order to make peace with their true selves.

So first of all, the good things! The plot was a masterpiece. The way multiple personality disorder was handled was indeed praise-worthy, it was comical at times but it was never offensive and it kept surprising me at every turn. Cha Do Hyeon’s personality breaks down into 7 pieces after a certain incident during his childhood. All the personalities were so freaking different from each other, Ji Sung’s acting was simply phenomenal. The way he switched from one role to the other definitely managed to surprise me.

Out of all the personalities, Shin Se-gi was the most dominant one and damn I loved him! He was also the one most attached Oh Ri Jin. The romance was a bit insta-lovey which didn’t bother me much but I didn’t totally enjoy it either. One of the things that was the most annoying was Oh Ri Jin’s screaming. My goodness, there was definitely no need for so much screaming though!!

Anyway, among the rest of the personalities, Ahn Yo-na too was the one who was the most hilarious but I can’t forget Perry Park, he was equally funny but dangerous as well because of his love for making bombs! I seriously couldn’t stop laughing at those moments!

Although the plot was executed well, I felt this drama stretched too much, especially because of the repetitive flashbacks which after some time started to become too irritating. But I did enjoy how their pasts intertwined. Anyway, the way this show wrapped up won my heart. I was almost on the verge of tears when we had to say goodbye to the personalities but I was absolutely pleased how this show ended. Oh, oh how can I forget, I looooved Oh Ri On (Park Seo Joon) as the female lead’s brother, they were such cute siblings and I loved how they took care of each other until the end.

Overall Kill Me, Heal Me was an intriguing drama. The plot was complicated but executed well enough and all the issues were handled well. The acting was reaaaally awesome and although I didn’t enjoy it totally, I’m still glad I watched this one.

Recommend it?


So guys, have you watched this show yet? Did you enjoy it?

5 thoughts on “K-Drama Review: Kill Me, Heal Me || Intriguing with a pinch of irritating

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  2. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoyed it as much as you hoped! It’s actually one of my favorite dramas. I loved Shin Se-gi! The first gif was my favorite scene in the whole drama. Ahn Yo-na was totally hilarious especially that kiss scene with Park Seo Joon! It was daebak! I do agree with you on repetitive scenes I was a bit annoyed too. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the next drama! I’m so looking forward to Choi Si Won’s Revolutionary Love which is an ongoing drama. The trailer looks pretty good! I’m planning to binge watch it as soon it is finished airing. Wonderful review! 🙂

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    • Where the plot was concerned, there wasn’t much flaw except the too much flashback but this drama just didn’t click with me, that’s all but I’m glad you loved it! Thanks Raven. ❤

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