Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2017!

Aaaah, November is finally at its end! After a few slumpy months, I am finally satisfied how this month turned out bookish wise. I read quite a few great books and I don’t regret picking any of them up!

[Just a small reminder: I finally changed my Blog Link!!]

Anyway, onto this months’ bookish news:

Books I’ve read this month:




Books I’ve reviewed this month (Link to my reviews):

5/5 stars

Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

4/5 stars

Red Rising, Golden Son & Morning Star by Pierce Brown

Every Breath, Every Word & Every Move by Ellie Marney

3/5 stars

This Savage Song & Our Dark Duet by V.E. Schwab

I managed to surprise myself. Never have I ever posted so fewer book reviews!!

Other Stuff:

K-Drama Reviews:

Thai Drama Review:

Life Updates:

Well, November was an okay month. But better than October. Definitely better. I’m trying to organise my life so that I can fit my priorities into my daily schedule. It’s kinda still a little messy. Okay, a lot but I’m trying.

Soooo, just one month left for this year to be over and honestly, I can’t wait. This year has been the crappiest year of my life and I really hope 2018 turns out for the better.

I went to see Justice League with my brother and we looooooved it!! ❤ Also, I watched quite a few awesome K-Dramas as well. Temperature of Love was well… just awesome but it crash-landed a bit in the middle, anyway, I don’t regret watching it, in fact, this will definitely be on my re-watch list. Currently, I’m watching While You Were Sleeping and it’s soooo damn good! Like seriously! Epically good!

Also, I’m super proud that I managed to restrain myself from buying any books this month!! 😀

So guys, how did November treat you? Was it bookishly awesome or just meh? Which book was your favourite this month? Mine was definitely Godsgrave!

34 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2017!

  1. November was a great month for my personal life–nothing big or crazy different, but just lots of good days. Book-wise things were pretty good. I didn’t do a lot of reading, but I didn’t do less than average. One of the best things from November was spending some time curating my blogs that I follow and finding some new good ones–including this one!
    Probably the best thing was just getting a lot of good writing done. I made great progress on my current WIP, and should have the rough draft finally polished off in another week. Obviously, I’m quite happy about that!

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  2. You had a great reading month!! How was Milk & Honey?? I’ve been wanting to get into poetry but I’ve heard from some people I trust that it’s over-hyped… Ah my life is always a constant struggle trying to balance everything out and get myself in order.

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  3. Oh wow, you’ve read a ton of books this month! I’ve been meaning to read This Savage Song but I heard that there’s no romance and I’m not sure if I’d like that?? I mean I definitely like the idea of a book all about friendships and no love interests but I just so happen to be a SUCKER for a little bit of romance in every book so we’ll see! XD And I’m so happy to hear that you like Justice League! I haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet but I think the trailer looks amazing and I just love Ezra Miller as The Flash! 🙂

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    • While You’re Sleeping is soooo epically freaking good! Like watch it right now good!! I waited for the drama to be over and that was definitely a good decision and I only have 3 episodes left and I don’t want it to end!! It definitely lives up to the hype.


  4. Sorry that 2017 has been so bad for you 😦 I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 2018 is amazing for you!!! What did you think of The Hating Game? I’ve heard a lot of amazing things about it! I love While You Were Sleeping! I watched it as a kid a couple times and never fully understood the movie, but I watched it a couple years ago and fell back in love with it!

    Have a great December, Poulami!!

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    • Thanks a lot Genni! ❤
      Yeah, The Hating Game was amazing!! I didn't expect it the way it turned out but I loved it! You should definitely give it a try.

      While You Were Sleeping is actually a Korean drama I am watching right now and it just ended a few days ago. I didn't know there was movie with the same name!

      You too! 🙂


  5. Such a lovely post, so many books that I’m interested in/have enjoyed! I’m glad you enjoyed the Every series, I’ve been meaning to give it a try since forever because I’m very much intrigued by every Sherlock Holmes retelling that exists, but haven’t had much luck with them so far. This one is still on my TBR and I’ve heard only positive things about it so far, I should give it a try soon! It seems like you had a very good month, happy reading in December! 🙂

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  6. Poulami, here is hoping December will treat you well and that it is the start to the BEST YEAR of your life so far ❤ This month doesn’t look that shabby either… I admit though I’m a bit like you on getting everything to fit in my life and it is messy and inconsistent right now… And you are doing SOO good with your K-drama reviews, I’m super jealous actually 😉

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  7. Bring on 2018! I’m so ready for 2017 to be over as well, and 2018 is definitely going to be a new chapter in my life and I hope it’s better for you too!

    Looks like you read lots of books this month, I think I’ve only read two or three and I’m slightly unmotivated to read at the moment… But hopefully that will change next year as well…

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  8. Oh, you had a great bookish month! I haven’t read Wonder Woman yet but I”m going to pick it up very soon. I loved Hating Game and I’ll look forward to hear your thoughts on it. Godsgrave was totally awesome! I can’t wait to read the finale of this trilogy.
    Hope you have a wonderful December and Happy Reading! 🙂

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  9. I hope that this last month of 2017 and the next year will be a whole lot better for you, sending you all the love ❤
    What did you think of This Song Will Save Your Life? I really want to read that one, it sounds so good! 🙂
    My month was… well, it was a bit "meh" overall, I'd say, but the favorite book I read has to be Turtles All The Way Down, ahah 🙂
    Hope you'll have a great December! xx

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  10. So sorry to hear that this hasn’t been a good year for you! Hope 2018 will be a lot better ❤️

    November was… Interesting. The first half was horrible and stressful and just ugggh but the second half has been really relaxing. Bookish wise it was okay? My favourite was What’s a Girl Gotta Do – loved it so much ❤️

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Justice League! Can’t wait to see that one 🙂

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