K-Drama Review: Descendants of the Sun || Intense and engaging from the very beginning till the end!

Show Name: Descendants of the Sun
Episodes: 16
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Military, [Adult]
Director: Lee Eung-Bok, Baek Sang-Hoon
Cast: Song Joong-Ki, Song Hye-Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-Won, Lee Seung-Joon, Seo Jung-Yeon, David McInnis, etc.

My Rating:


This story tells of doctors stationed in the fictional war zone of Urk (Uruk), and follows the love story that develops between a surgeon, Kang Mo Yeon’ and a special forces officer, Yoo Shi Jin, both elite in their respective fields. The story will track both their personal and professional struggles while exploring issues about the value of life.

I officially apologize to the K-community for delaying to watch this show for a very stupid reason (No… I’m not gonna tell you the stupid reason, shush!!). Descendants of the Sun is one of the most popular K-Dramas, also considered a kind of classic and I kind of backed down because of the hype too but God I was wrong. I mean why did I wait so long to watch this freaking awesome drama!! Well, the comment section was very persuasive, so I finally decided to give it a go and 5 minutes in I was hooked!! Absofreakinglutely hooked!

The story revolves around a special task force officer, Yoo Shi-Jin (Song Joong-Ki) and a surgeon Kang Mo-Yeon (Song Hye-Kyo) who meet under extraordinary circumstances. Their fate seems to collide again and again and they slowly realise their feelings for each other. Either their relationship will be strong enough to handle everything or will one be left behind forever.

The Plot

Yoo Shi-Jin and Kang Mo-Yeon indeed meet under extraordinary circumstances which leads to a misunderstanding. Yoo Shi-Jin is immediately attracted to the feisty surgeon but they don’t get enough time to know each other. When Kang Mo-Yeon and her team are sent to Urk for medical works, they come face to face once again and their incomplete story begins again. This show is kind of cheesy too but it’s worth it! I couldn’t stop smiling at some of the moments and most of their interaction was pretty hilarious!

But the story had its serious moments too, especially when the earthquake happened and everything was in chaos, also when the epidemic broke out, I loved how the characters handled things. It kept me on edge and I was glued to the screen to know what happened next! There were also a loooot of side characters and I definitely enjoyed the fact that all the main focus was on always on the main leads but we were getting to know about the others as well.

The Action

The action plays a vital role in this drama considering it’s a military drama. The opening scene was pretty intriguing but kind of hilarious with all their code names like Big Boss and Harry Potter!! XD But at the same time, I was left biting my nails as the tension soared the sky. Yoo Shi-Jin being a part of the Alpha team can’t divulge any information about any of their mission which kind of creates a rift between him and Kang Mo-Yeon but she is mature enough to understand it later on. All his secret missions were super exciting. They were mysterious and secretive and of course super dangerous, that’s why their task force was called in when no other choice was left. And damn… I enjoyed every moment of it!

The Romance

Oooo, the romance was the sweetest!!! Yoo Shi-Jin is a strong and extremely brave soldier but a romantic at heart and Kang Mo-Yeon is mature yet caring. They both complimented each other perfectly.

Anyway, their precious moments were interrupted a lot due to Yoo Shi-Jin emergency duty calls but they took their chance in the small moments possible. Their chemistry was crystal clear from the very start although the relationship slowly develops. (And I loooooove that now they are married in real life!!!) Trust was one of the most important factors and their trust in each other was the strongest! I absolutely loved the romance. ❤

The Sub-Plot

Aaaah, the sub-plot was pretty interesting too. Yoo Shi-Jin comes face to face with one of his comrades, Agus, who he rescued a long time ago but now things were different. I definitely loved this dynamic of the show and the new challenges and twists that came with it.

Also, I absolutely loved the secondary pair. Seo Dae-Young (Jin Goo) and Yoon Myeong-Joo (Kim Ji-Won) were just adorable!! Yoon Myeong-Joo was an army doctor but due to her father who was the General, Seo Dae-Young was forced to stay away from her. It broke my heart to see those two hurting but I loved when they finally stood up for each other!


Descendants of the Sun was a fantastic watch! One that will stay will me forever! The plot although a little cliched was executed perfectly and loved the characters and the romance!! But the last two episodes were kind of crazy, I didn’t feel it was necessary to do that of an extreme thing but well, I was satisfied in the end!

Recommend it?

So guys, have you watched this drama? Do you watch K-Dramas or are you interested in watching?

14 thoughts on “K-Drama Review: Descendants of the Sun || Intense and engaging from the very beginning till the end!

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  3. I’m only 6 or 7 episodes into this drama (I haven’t watched it in months 0.o) but I love it so much!! Especially the fighting and chemistry between the two leads. They’re just so cute together and I also love how they’re married in real life. It makes it all that much better.

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