K-Drama Review: Temperature of Love || A Writer + Chef = A Heart-fluttering Romance

Show Name: Temperature of Love
Episodes: 40 (half an hour episodes)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Director: Nam Gun
Cast: Seo Hyun-Jin, Yang Se-Jong, Jo Bo-Ah, Kim Jae-Wook, Sim Hee-Seop, Lee Mi-Sook, Lee Cho-Hee, Ji Il-Joo, etc.
My Rating:


Hyun Soo is an aspiring drama series writer. She uses “Jane” as her username and begins chatting with username “Chakhan Seupeu” (‘Good Soup’) online. “Chakhan Seupeu” is actually Jung Sun. He dreams of becoming a French food chef. They meet in real life.

THAT is the vaguest blurb ever!!! Don’t listen to it, I mean don’t focus on it!

This drama made my heart flutter. It was something else. I loved every moment of it. Only if this hadn’t dragged in the middle, it could have been a 5 star for me. But it was still worth a watch, I don’t regret a minute of it.

Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun-Jin) is an aspiring scriptwriter. Jung Sun (Yang Se-Jong) wants to open his own restaurant someday. When they meet, sparks fly but Hyun Soo firmly believes her career comes first and when she realises the truth about her feelings, it’s already too late as Jung Sun goes away to Paris. They meet again after five years and realise they still have feelings for each other.

The story starts in the present day but takes us on a flashback ride to the first time Hyun Soo and Jung Sun meet for the first time. The chemistry between the two main leads was off the charts!! That was the first thing that made me want to watch this show. It was just so beautiful, so effing beautiful. This drama focuses on their lives and how even a beautiful relationship has to face the trails of love. I also loved the fact that the female lead was 6 years older than the male lead, it created an interesting dynamic.

This drama is character-centric and it is beautifully executed. Hyun Soo and Jung Sun although are in different places in life but they click immediately. There is an instant attraction between them but Hyun Soo’s refuses to develop anything between them but as they spend more time together, she can’t help but fall for him but she loses that chance. They accidentally meet after 5 years and from there onwards starts a whole new journey.

This time it’s Jung Sun who is apprehensive despite having feelings for her because she already rejected him once. I simply loved how this situation was handled and how Hyun Soo finally proved that this was forever and she was never letting go again. Oh, God!! I literally cried, it was so intense and full of emotions! They were simply perfect for each other. Their romance was the freaking best ever!! ❤

The thing with second male leads is, either you can’t decide which team you are on or you simply hate them. For this drama, I absolutely loathed the 2nd male lead (Kim Jae-Wook). I actually liked him at first, he invested in Jung Sun’s restaurant and Hyun Soo’s writing career. He was a good friend. I don’t know, I think he felt that he kind of owned them. He uses his power and money to create a rift between Hyun Soo and Jung Sun because of his feelings for Hyun Soo. It was wrong on sooo many levels. Both the main leads confront him but he didn’t sway from his place until the very end despite knowing everything. Though I was relieved when he actually understood he was never going to be the one for Hyun Soo and finally made peace with it and the main leads but I don’t think I would have been that forgiving.

Also, Ji Hong-A (Jo Bo-Ah) sometimes made no sense. She was a brat and used to getting what she wants, the only interesting that happened related to her was how she handled that rude director (Song Young-Kyu) where no one ever could. She also didn’t deserve Choi Won-Joon (Sim Hee-Seop) but I won’t say that I was totally against it either.

This drama also showed the narrow-minded mentality of some people. When Hyun Soo’s parents were first introduced, they were absolutely adorable but when they saw Jung Sun’s mother, she straight on decided she didn’t like the whole family. Just because the parent is messed up, doesn’t mean that child is useless. I mean, Jung Sun had to go through a difficult childhood because of his abusive father and his lavish mother who didn’t care about anything after the divorce. Instead of giving him more love, Hyun Soo’s mother tries to avoid him as much as possible. Hwangbo Kyung (Lee Cho-Hee) and Kim Joon-Ha (Ji Il-Joo) were the comic relief of this drama. They were both so cute and hilarious at the same time.

One of the fact that made me really irritated was how Hyun Soo pushed Jung Sun to open up everything about his past. It took a long time for her to understand he eventually would when he was ready. Also, another thing that bothered me was Hyun Soo’s request to Jung Sun not to go away when he got a great offer, it was kind of selfish, well it was not actually a request but it would have felt better coming from Jung Sun rather than Hyun Soo herself but then again I remember a show I had seen a lot of years ago where the characters faced the same situation and I was begging for the hero to ask his lady love to stay. So, I kind of contradicted my own opinion. So, I would say that although it was selfish, I could see where she was coming from. They already lost 5 years, they weren’t ready to give up anymore.

Overall, Temperature of Love was an amazing show despite that it stretched a bit in the middle too much. But this drama was realistically portrayed a lot of things. There were so many characters which added a rich layer to the story and the romance was the best aspect among them all. The acting was brilliant and I couldn’t have been more happy with the cast.

Recommend it?


So guys, have you watched this drama? Do you watch K-Dramas or are you interested in watching?

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