A Thank You Note to the People Who Matter.

Okaaaaaaay, so 2017 has been not such a great year for me. I had to go through a lot of stuff which affected me mentally and physically but even in the darkest times, there were moments I was thankful for. So, I thought why not say it out loud and thank the people and stuff I was grateful for.

Enough of the gloomy stuff, Meeeeerry Christmas (in advance) everybody! ❤ Hope you guys have a great day and an awesooooome year ahead!! And I hope your every moment is filled with happiness and love.

Things I’ve been grateful for this year:

💟 My parents, especially my mom for trying to understand what I was going through. for just being by my side. Without her support, this year would have been a tough ride.

💟 BOOKS. The eternal love of my life. Books+Me= Life. Seriously, I would have been lost if I hadn’t found my way to books! They helped me not go totally crazy and also my escape from reality when I needed to clear my head.

💟 BTS. I can not be thankful enough. I don’t even want to think what my life was without them. Their songs, their craziness is indeed helping me to stay positive. BTS never fails to bring a smile on my face. And the ARMY family. Oh, my goodness, I can’t even begin to say… they are awesome. I have gained a whole new family and they have also become my favourite people in the world. Love you fam! ❤

That’s totally me fangirling! Also Jin!

💟 I’m also super grateful to English subbers. They seriously need a big shout out!! I mean without them, I couldn’t have understood a single thing my bias and my favourite group was saying. I sooo want to learn Korean but well, I will someday! Also, K-Dramas!! Thank god for the subtitles and those who take time to translate everything to English for us, international fans!

💟  This beautiful blogging community. Thank you for welcoming me into your bookish family, for staying by my side all this time. As a result, I have gained so many amazing friends. I’m sooo thankful to my friends and followers for continuing to support me! Love you guys! ❤

Memorable stuff in 2017:

💟 2017 was a successful blogging year. I was really happy with my blogging life. I don’t care about the stats or anything else, like seriously (most of the times) but I’m happy that I made new friends and well, I just love blogging, okay. It makes me happy! And books! (And BTS.)

💟 I finally gathered the courage to get help for my depression and anxiety with my mom by my side. And things are getting a little better step by step. (Though my lose my shit then and again.)

💟 I lost a looot of weight. For myself. I needed to for health reasons.
[Side note: I realised my body image issues were not from stemmed from within but from what the society has been constantly saying you have to look like that, you have to look like this to be perfect. Society can go to hell! Like seriously!
Anyway, a lot of people in my class and neighbourhood started noticing the change and they were like “oooh, you lost so much weight.” The first few times, I was kinda happy that okay, my efforts were working but then I started to feel irritated. Why should my body matter to anybody else before me! What’s wrong with being chubby. And why do people have to point that out if anybody is overweight or underweight! Why! Can’t they just keep their mouth shut and take care of their lives first! Okay, okay rant over and I also, hereby proudly admit I’m a cute little potato. Nah, but seriously the society needs a change.]

💟 I also finally got a new phone. Yayieee! My old one which I used for 6 years was barely working, so it’s a refreshing change now. 😀

💟 I plastered my bedroom wall with all the fangirly stuff I could find. Quotes, inspirations and of course my love for countless fandoms! But there were a loooot of posters to put up, I could have done it alone without the help of my little brother. And it was super fun, while BTS was playing on a loop.

So guys, how was 2017 for you? Was it an overall good year or meh? What are your most memorable moments this year??

15 thoughts on “A Thank You Note to the People Who Matter.

  1. I noticed BTS was in the top 10 of Korean powers according to Forbes… I have a few of their songs but I really need to check out their new stuff! You always make me smile Poulami and I hope you are here to Fangirl more in the year to come! I’m glad you are happy with your weight, that’s really all that matters… ♥️🤗

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    • Yaaas, the boys started with nothing and now they are legends!!! I reeeeeeally hope you dooo!!! Listen to the Mic Drop remix and aaaaall the other beautiful songs. They are just sooo freaking good but just as humble. And their dancing, you need to see more of that awesomeness!! Omo, I’ll stop my rambling otherwise it never ends when it comes to BTS!!! 😀
      Thank you Dani. ❤

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  3. POULAMI❤️😍 I’m so happy for your accomplishments !! Honestly battling with anxiety and anything that challenge you mentally and physically is not to be underestimated. You had grest courage and I wish you all the best for 2018! 😘 I thank YOUU for being part of my life 😀

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  4. First Poulami I had no idea you battled with depression! Your posts seems always so upbeat. I am glad that you are finding help as I know it’s not easy to live with depression. My husband has had depression for 5 years some years ago and it was a tough ride. Then I totally get why you rebel against people having “a say” with your body. You are so right by unfortunately that’s the way our society is. I am so happy when my daughter tells me she prefers having some kilos too much but being healthy than looking like a stick without eating anything. Of course if your weight becomes a danger for your health you have to lose weight but once it’s done if you feel happy with more weight than what is deemed socially acceptable so what? My year has been a fantastic one. It’s been my first blogging year and I had incredible moments. Among others when you invited me to post on your blog! My only regret is that I read less books than before but that was to be expected as blogging takes so much time. Now I wish you a fantastic 2018 and hope your treatment will kick in and that you’ll feel happy most of the time.

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    • If somebody doesn’t know me 100%, they won’t even doubt I have depression. My mom says the wall I have built around myself is too hard to break. But I am trying, Hopefully, I’ll reach there someday. Thanks for your support Sophie, you have been an amazing friend to me and I loved our collab sooo much!

      I hope 2018 is even more awesome for you. ❤


  5. Oh this is such a beautiful post, Poulami! ❤ You're so right, it's great to take some time to be thankful for the people and things helping us through another year ❤ I'm happy for all the steps you took towards being better, with your mental health and weight – even if youre so right… it shouldn't matter to other people how you look and your weight, it only should matter to you. It is always so annoying how people just… think it's okay to comment on that. ANYWAY, I am so very proud of you and hope that 2018 will be incredible for you ❤

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  6. YAY! WE MADE IT 🎉🎉🎉 [insert obligatory “i can’t believe it’s the end of 2017–it all went by so fast!” comment right here]

    congratulations on taking steps with your mental health–i know how hard it can be to start and how much each little progression means. congrats on the weight loss–but we’d love you regardless, chickadee, all that matters is that *you* feel good about you.

    my year was pretty good. i feel like i made really big strides in terms of my mental health and i’m finally feeling like i’m in a good place. reflective of that, i went out a lot more and spent more time with friends and was more social and had more adventures. but that also meant that i read and blogged less, because i was a lot busier. but, if i had to choose, i’d *much* rather have it this way–there’s nothing to make ya happy like being happy, lol!

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