Monthly Wrap Up: February 2018!

Heeeeeey guys!!! How are you all doing??

I couldn’t do a wrap-up post for January, so I decided to do it alongside this month. This month was a mixture of awesome and meh books and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more next month!

Books I’ve read in January:



Books I’ve read this month:



Books I’ve reviewed in Jan + Feb (Link to my reviews):

5/5 stars

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

4/5 stars

Afflicted by Susanne Valenti

Saving Me by Sadie Allen

3/5 stars

Noteworthy by Riley Redgate

The Way Back to Us by Jamie Howard

The Lost Savior by Siobhan Davis

Fade to Us by Julia Day

2/5 stars

Player’s Game by Desirae Clark

Other Stuff:

In February’s edition of Daydreaming Discussions, I talked about the books I reeeeeally need to finish this year!!

K-Drama Reviews:

Life Updates:

In January, the only thing I guess I did was study. Everybody was surprised. I even surprised myself by the amount of studying I did in 3 weeks!! 😂😂😂 Anyways, I hope the results are not that bad!!

February was awesome!! Because of book fair!! Ta daaaa!! I look forward to this book fair the whole year and this year I was doubly excited because I was going with my fellow ARMYs!!! Yes, it was an absolute blast, we had so much fun together. 😀 Health wise, I’m getting better too. I’m finally trying and I really hope I can keep this up but my anxiety problems are still going over the roof! HAALP!

Anyways, onto the book haul!! The first 4 books are the ones I got at the book fair and I also purchased another 2 from Amazon.


I am sooooo happy with this month’s haul!! But I do have to restrict myself now!! ❤

So guys, how was your February??? Bookishly awesome or meh?? What was your favourite book this month?? Aaaand what books are looking forward to reading next month?!

20 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: February 2018!

  1. It seems like you had a great month for reading!! 💕 Hope March is going to be as good or even better! Also, a book fair, wow, that’s so exciting! I’ve never went to one 😢

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  2. WARCROSS IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK OMIGOD!!! I can’t wait too see your review on it because I’m telling you, Poulami that book is worth every hype it got!! Like rainbow colored hackers, diversity, and futuristic Japan???? that book is just pure gold!! Anyway, I hope you do awesome on your exams all that studying should pay off! I hope you have a fantastic March, and what are your k-drama plans this month? 😀

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    • OMOOO!! I want to start that book like right now!! But I gotta finish my buddy reading and the borrowed book!! Aaaaaahh!! I will absolutely pick it up next month!!
      Thaaanks Balie! ❤

      Among K-Dramas, I just finished watching This Is My First Life which was not that awesome but good and and right now I'm watching Part-Time Idol, it has only 5 episodes and it's pretty hilarious. I also watched a J-Drama and a C-Drama in Feb!!

      But I am seriously confused on what to watch next!! I want to watch A Korean Odyssey but it's not complete yet. I might watch The Master's Sun. What about you??

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  3. Yay for book fair! And YESS TO YOUR FIVE STAR READS. 😀 I adored Queens of Geek and I can’t wait for the author’s next book. I’ve also heard amazing things for the Upside of Unrequited and I’m hella ready to read it. I hope you enjoy the Marie Lu books you got from book fair! Have a great march Poulami!

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