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Please keep the following details in mind if you’re requesting a review-

◆ I read Young-Adult and New-Adult books. 

◆ Genres accepted- Fantasy, Science fiction, Contemporary, Romance and Thriller/Mystery.

◆ I prefer paperbacks/hard copies but also accept e-copies in ePub, Mobi, formats. (Please keep in mind I’m from India.) I also accept selected audiobooks only.

◆ Please give me at least 2-4 days to respond back.

◆ I may not accept all the requests I receive.

◆ I cross-post my review on Goodreads and Amazon and also share them on my Twitter and Facebook.

In your email please include:

◆ A subject for the email: Review Request- Name of book(s)

◆ Summary of your book.

◆ A link to your books’ Goodreads page.

◆ The date you’d like me to publish a review by.

◆ Whether you’d be interested in giving me some content for my blog after I’ve read your book. [E.g, a giveaway, character interview, exclusive bonus scene(s), author interview etc.]

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My reviews are honest, unbiased and my personal opinion. If I have received a book by an author or a publisher, it’s clearly stated in my post and it doesn’t affect my review in any way. I weigh all the pros and cons of each book before coming up with a final rating. Any information or quotation taken from this blog must be credited back to me via a link to the original post.

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