K-Drama Reviews: I’m Not a Robot & Another Oh Hae Young || Double Trouble Edition!

Show Name: I’m Not a Robot
Episodes: 32 (half an hour episodes)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Director: Jung Dae-Yoon
Cast: Yoo Seung-Ho, Chae Soo-Bin, Uhm Ki-Joon, Park Se-Wan, Song Jae-Ryong, Kim Min-Kyu, Kang Ki-Young, etc.
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Kim Min Gyu has wealth and success but lives an isolated life due to his allergy of people. He then meets and falls in love with a girl who is pretending to be a robot for her ex-boyfriend, a genius robots professor.

The blurb sounds a bit messed up, doesn’t it? 😂😂

I randomly started this because after the drama name caught my attention and well, this was a pretty awesome and fun drama!

Min-Kyu (Yoo Seung-Ho) is the largest shareholder of a finance company but lives in seclusion due to his allergy to human touch. And Ji-A (Chae Soo-Bin) is an aspiring entrepreneur who also works as a personal shopper. When she gets a call from her ex-boyfriend, a scientist and the inventor of the latest android robot Aji 3 who is in trouble because of the damage caused to the robot and needs help and agrees to pay her in return. Ji-A who is without a permanent job agrees to play the role of Aji 3 until the actual robot can be fixed but when feelings come into the way, things start becoming complicated.

Soooooooooooo, Min-Kyu, our male lead becomes allergic to human touch after he faced a certain betrayal in his childhood after his parent’s death. He has been suffering like that for 12 years, all alone but when the opportunity to get a companion in the form a robot presents itself, he decides to give it a try before purchasing it. But the actual android Aji 3 gets damaged by one of the members of the team and Ji-A is called in to fill the role.

Honestly, it’s absolutely hilarious from the very beginning. Ji-A is a straight-forward woman who speaks whatever comes to her mind but she is forced to do the biddings of Min-Kyu who decides to test her thinking her as Aji 3 with various peculiar tasks. And those create some very interesting and fun situations where I found myself unable to stop laughing! I mean, it was pretty crazy to think that Min-Kyu actually believed her as a robot. But I was not the only one surprised. Even Ji-A was surprised to the extent that she thought she was too good at acting or either he was too dumb! 😂 I think it was a bit of a both!

Anyway,I looooved Ji-A from the very beginning, although she didn’t want to agree on this job but the lack of funds gave her no choice. But I was not much of a fan of Min-Kyu at the beginning as he came off as a stuck up person who never ever smiled but after he actually started smiling… I was a goner. As well as Ji-A. Min-Kyu had no problem when Ji-A touched him which surprised me a lot but the answer came quickly enough. Trust was the key factor. The feelings between the leads developed slowly, just the way I liked it and there was a little angst too because one person didn’t even know he was falling in love with an actual person and not a robot.

The plot takes a different twist when the dealings with Aji 3 come into danger because somehow the villains decipher the truth about their fake android. And then the melodrama begins… though it was not as boring as I thought, it was a little cute and a little obsessive though. But after the truth gets revealed, heal breeeeaks lose. It broke my heart to see both of them hurting but I loved that Ji-A was not someone who gave up easily.

There were a few threads here and there which wrapped up perfectly in the end and I was pretty satisfied with the cast and the acting!And there was also one fact at the end which surprised the hell out of me, I think almost everybody, I won’t say what it was but it was soooo awesome, you guys need to see for yourself!!

Recommend it?


Show Name: Another Oh Hae Young
Episodes: 18
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Director: Song Hyun-Wook
Cast: Eric, Seo Hyun-Jin, Jeon Hye-Bin, Ye Ji-Won, Kim Ji-Suk, Heo Jeong-Min, etc.
My Rating:


There are two women named Oh Hae Yeong, who were classmates in high school, getting all mixed up in each other’s lives because they share the same name. The problem is that they not only share the name, but they also have the same occupation, which is probably the bigger issue. They both come to work for the same large catering company, but one is a team leader while the other is simply an assistant manager. Then there’s also a man in their lives, who has the ability to see into the future…

Have you ever been in a situation where there are two or more people with the same name and everything becomes a confusing mess because of that?

Me? Not exactly but in standard 4 we had three Poulami in class. I thought it was pretty fun actually because my name’s not too common. Also, I have a lot of friends with same names but that hasn’t caused one hell of a problem so far.

In this drama, there are 2 Oh Hae Yeongs who studied at the same school and got work in the same company. Our main lead, Oh Hae-Young (Seo Hyun-Jin) was an average student to the other Oh Hae-Young (Jeon Hye-Bin). The other one was popular, good in studies and got all the attention from boys. Even after they started their work life, they both got into the same company and the confusion about the two Oh Hae Youngs remained.

Okay, the thing is that I enjoyed the drama. And that effing romance was haaaaawt as hell!! But don’t you think this is too much exaggerated. I only mean the confusion part. I mean you study at a school for a loooooooot of years, the confusion’s bound to clear up one time or the other, same for their work life but that wasn’t the case here which seemed unrealistic to me.

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, let’s come back to the drama. It’s going to sound a bit confusing though.

Our male lead, Park Do-Kyung (Eric) who is a sound producer (I didn’t know that work of a sound producer was sooo tough but hella interesting!!) decides to get revenge on Han Tae-Jin (Lee Jae-Yoon) who is actually the fiancee of our female lead but Park Do-Kyung once saw a picture of his Hae Young with this guy and thought he was the reason she ditched him at their marriage day and they were probably going to marry soon when he hears a gossip from a friend. Soo, apparently things become messy because of the confusion. When Park Do-Kyung realises he had taken revenge on the wrong Oh Hae-Young, things have already gone south. But this is the woman who he has visions about and when a situation leads to them becoming roommates things start to change between the two of them.

Woooooooah!! Did you guys understand what I was trying to say?? 😂😂 I might have confused myself!!

Anyway, the plot well, it was kinda weird because of so much of the mix ups but the characters were actually amazing. I loved the character development of our leads throughout the entire series. We see them grow, fall for each other, learn the disastrous truth yet they can’t let go of each other. Oh, Hae Young (the main one!!) have always suffered from low-self esteem because all her life she has been compared to the other Hae Young but slowly she learns that the other Hae Young might not have been as perfect as she had thought. She finally learns to come in term with it and eventually move forward.

Also, Han Tae-Jin (Lee Jae-Yoon) reason for break up with our main lead was quite weirdly shocking. I didn’t know whether to get pissed or laugh. Was he dumb? 😂

I don’t know if vision thingy of Park Do-Kyung was necessary but well it was not much of a problem either and things became quite a bit interesting at the end because of that. One of the things I loooved the most in this drama was Oh Hae Young’s family, especially her mother who was hella protective of her daughter (to a certain healthy level) and loved her immensely. The interactions between the mother-daughter was actually a treat to watch.

On the other hand, Park Do-Kyung’s mother was the complete opposite. She was a money-hungry leech and I wanted to hit her with a frying pan every time she came into view. Anyway, the relationship between Park Do-Kyung and Oh Hae Young was a bit different which I actually enjoyed, the chemistry between them was undeniable and the romance was a little slow burn and I loooooooooved it!!! It was definitely one of the key factors of this show!

The other two couples were also a treat to watch, especially them!! 😂😂😂

Other than that, I enjoyed the cast and the acting!!

Recommend it?


Soo guys have you watched these two dramas yet?? Is it on your to-watch list?