K-drama review: Her Private Life // Adorable mix of romance and fangirly-ness!

Show Name: Her Private Life
Episodes: 16
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Director: Hong Jong-Chan
Cast: Park Min-Young, Kim Jae-Wook, Ahn Bo-Hyun, One, Kim Bo-Ra, Park Jin-Joo etc.


A dedicated professional, Sung Deok Mi lives for her work as an art gallery curator. Devoting herself to her work, she is exceptional in every way, save one. Beneath that cool, professional facade, Deok Mi carries a dark secret. A secret she desperately wants to keep from the world. A secret that has driven lovers away. A secret that rules every moment of her personal life…
Sung Deok Mi is the ultimate Cha Shi An fangirl.
The devoted manager of a Shi An fansite, Deok Mi eats, breathes, and sleeps for Shi An. He is her sun, her moon. Her entire universe revolves around him.
This is the secret Deok Mi must hide from the world.
And hide it she does. At least until Ryan Gold, the art gallery’s new director, saunters into her life. A once-famous painter, the former artist turned director considers himself an indifferent being, unconcerned with the lives of others. But when he uncovers Deok Mi’s secret, everything changes.

Sooo… this half-finished draft was sitting on my… draft list for a while. I had watched this drama for a few months and absolutely loved it!

This drama was a breath of fresh air and oh so adorablyyy fangirly!

Sung Deok-Mi (Park Min-Young) is totally a double agent! Her professional life is defined by her work as a curator at an art gallery. However, on the other side of this the curtain, she is a full-time fangirl and owner of a fansite for an idol group member, Shi-An (who is totally adorable btw!).

Her professional life and personal life has a distinct boundary and only her best friends are aware of how massive of a fangirl she is. Oh! I can’t begin to tell you guys about how the fangirling was relatable. On so many levels! Her perfectly balanced life is hampered when Ryan (Kim Jae-Wook) starts as the director where Sung Deok-Mi works.

The fangirling!

First thing first! The fangirling was ohmahgod sooo relatable! I could totally see myself in Sung Deok-Mi’s shoes. Her love for Shi-An was so adorable. In fact, she was among one of the first fans who started stanning Shi-Ah during his early debut days. She is the sole creator of a famous fansite that even Shi-Ah loves! I was totally fangirling over the interactions between these two!!! I think it’s one of our dreams to meet our idols and she got to do that, seeing that it made me so happy! And as the main protagonist of the drama, I definitely fell head over heels for Sung Deok-Mi. She was not only a genuinely awesome person but also kept on trying to do her best at everything, for everyone. I really admired her for that.

The romance!

The interaction between Sung Deok-Mi and Ryan was a treat to watch! They started off as adversaries and were forced to make a deal when a notorious saesang-fan stared a controversy. The romance was gradual and the angst. Oh God. I absolutely loved the angst though it made me tear up quite a bit! However, I loved every itsy bitsy thing about the romance between these two. It was such a healthy relationship and I loved how they balanced each other out.

The character development!

Cindy! Okay, so the saesang fan (if you don’t know what a saesang fan is- it’s basically a fan who is borderline obsessed with their favourites and would go to every extent to get information about them). I talked about earlier how she started a controversy, however, her character development was one of the best in the drama. Cindy turned out to be a spoiled brat who only wanted to be loved, especially by her mother. However, the bitterness within her started to dim down since she started working with Sung Deok-Mi in the gallery. She was a character that never failed to surprise me.

The backstory!

A k-drama is not complete without a heart-wrenching backstory (99% of the time!). This trope is definitely cliched but oh well, it’s one of the formulas that K-dramas have been using for eons and Her Private Life is not devoid of it. Ryan along with being a director is well known for maintaining masterpieces but ever since he came face to face with a piece painted by the artist Lee-Sol, he has not been able to pick up the brush.

We get to know more about Ryan’s life as the show moves forward. One thing I liked about this secondary-plot is that it was not forced upon the audience. This aspect of Ryan’s life was gradually introduced where the audience were eased into the story. Though the sub-plot still felt a tad bit unnecessary, I liked how all the treads were connected at the end.


Her Private Life was worth the hype! I really enjoyed the show throughout and the side characters added a complete depth to the story. Especially her best friend Lee Sun-Joo (her fangirling partner!) and Nam Eun-Ki added different layers to the story. The cute moments, the funny moments and the over-dramatic moments made the drama such a treat to the eyes and the heart!

Recommend it?

So guys, have you watched this drama? Did you find it adoooorable? What do you love best about this drama?

K-Drama Reviews: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim & Thirty But Seventeen // Mysterious and hilarious

Okhaaay! The thing is, both the dramas I am about to review, I have watched quite a long ago. Not that long but uh… a bit long. Anyway, I adore both of these dramas sooo much and both of these were absolutely worth the hype according to me! When I get hooked to a drama, I am all in! It takes me about 1 to 2 weeks to decide what to watch next after finishing a drama, so yeah due to this, I rewatched Descendants of the Sun and right now, Love O2O, both of which I loved very much. (I think I would be over with Love O2O by the time this review is posted… LOL). Anyway, I divert… so onto this review!

Show Name: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
Episodes: 16
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Director: Park Joon Hwa
Cast: Park Min Young, Park Seo Joon, Pyo Ye Jin, Kang Hong Suk, Kang Ki Young etc.
My Rating:



The series revolves around the narcissistic Lee Young Joon, the vice president of a company run by his family. He is very self-absorbed and thinks highly of himself, so much that he barely acknowledges the people around him. Lee Young Joon has a capable and patient secretary in Kim Mi So who has remained by his side and worked diligently for 9 years without any romantic involvement. However, Mi So now want to set her life & focus on herself so when she decides to resign from her job, hilarious misunderstandings ensue. After 9 years of their strictly-workplace relationship, can it now develop in something more?

~~ Adapted from the webtoon “Kimbiseoga Wae Geureolgga” by Jung Kyung Yoon.

This drama was absolutely epic! From incorporating a dark tragic past to the point of absolute hilariousness, all was in this drama. The comedy and the mystery were what made this drama fun from the beginning. Especially the “Aura!”

Kim Mi So (played by Park Min Young) and Lee Yeong Joon (played by Park Seo Joon) were the shining stars of this drama. Although some of the side characters definitely left an impressive impact as well. I don’t think this drama would have been that hilarious without the occasional missteps of these side characters. Lee Yeong Joon, a born narcissist is the president of his company where is assisted by Kim Mi So. Normally, he loves staying within his world but when Kim Mi So she wants to leave the company to find out her inner-self, Lee Yeong Joon becomes the epitome of a panicky-mush and that’s where the fun begins!

The character of Lee Yeong Joon is so dramatic! I think it’s one of the very charms of this drama which keeps the audience thoroughly engaged. And Kim Mi So, my god, she was soooo hilarious! They were literally perfect for each other also since Kim Mi So was the only one capable of handling Lee Yeong Joon. In order to stop Kim Mi So from leaving, Lee Yeong Joon tries various methods to pursue her from leaving. From increasing her salary to even offering himself for marriage! XD As for the story process, we get to see the softy behind the narcissist exterior. I mean, he will always stay that but his character also has a sweet and genuine side. Definitely swoon-worthy!

The signature style, i.e. Korean finger heart were such a treat to watch! Although they stay professional (well almost…) during their work but the chemistry between them is booming! (Booming? Do people even use that word in this context? XD). Although Kim Mi So understood that Lee Yeong Joon wanted him as his secretary but his genuine affection was not lost on her. It was a slow and gradual process where they fell head over heels for one another. SO KYOT I TELL YOU, PEOPLE!

This drama was also incorporated a dark past which traumatised both the characters as a child. Both of them developed a phobia for certain things which they are finally able to face together. I loved how the past neatly tied with the present circumstances. Although I felt that this aspect was not as dramatic as I expected but it might be for the people present during that particular incident.

The acting was indeed marvellous and I loved each and every character of this drama. I think almost every character in this drama was over-the-top dramatic but Bong Se Ra (Hwang Bo Ra) and Yang Cheol (Kang Hong Suk) were something else! Especially the slow-mo scenes between them. Their romance was absolutely hilarious but I was definitely rooting for them from the very start! Anyway, the drama ended on a beautiful note which definitely left a lasting impact on my mind and I really hope you guys give it a shot.

Recommend it?


Show Name: Thirty But Seventeen
Episodes: 32 (half an hour episodes)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Director: Jo Soo Won
Cast: Shin Hye Sun, Yang Se Jong, Ahn Hyo Seop, Ye Ji Won etc.
My Rating: 


Woo Seo Ri, a violin prodigy at 17 who was about to study in Germany, got into a bus accident and fell into a coma waking up 13 years later. Mentally she is still only 17, while physically she is now 30.
Due to a trauma he experienced 13 years before, Gong Woo Jin does not want to have a relationship with others.
This series is about a man and a woman whose lives in their own ways essentially stopped when they were 17. Together, they use all their might to try and open the door to the happiness that they once thought had been closed to them.

Thirty but Seventeen is definitely one of the gems among K-drama land. It has a mixture of so many different emotions and is executed so beautifully. Although it was the plot and the trailer which made me interested in watching this drama in the first place but I also might just be a little biased (OKHAY, A LOT) towards Yang Se Jong ever since I watched Temperature of Love.

This drama starts with Woo Seo Ri (played by Shin Hye Sun) waking up from a 13-year long coma to find herself in her thirties. A violin prodigy, she was left heartbroken and speechless, she starts a hopeless journey to find her uncle and aunt who were her only relatives after her parents passed away. Gong Woo Jin (played by Yang Se Jong) believes himself to be responsible for the accident which took the life of his first (unconfessed) love. Not knowing that she was still alive but in a coma, Gong Woo Jin secluded himself from the rest of the world. He became a mere shell of what he used to be. But when Woo Seo Ri turns up in her home, now owned by Gong Woo Jin and his cousin, Yoo Chan (Ahn Hyo Seop), fate collides and brings them together once more.

Gong Woo Jin used to be the most lively person as a child but since that incident, he has not genuinely smiled, not even for once. His hostility towards Woo Seo Ri is crystal when she first comes to the house, it would have been impossible for her to stay without Yoo Chan’s support. However, her sense of familiarity with her home brings a calming atmosphere in the house of the two men where Gong Woo Jin finally starts to find some peace. I loved the slow-building romance between the characters and the chemistry was simply electric! He finally started to wear his emotions on his face again which he had long lost forgot. Woo Seo Ri’s optimistic self was so admirable, which was also one of the factors which made the two characters come together.

My heart ached whenever Woo Seo Ri could not play her violin. It broke her heart to see someone else in the pace where she might have been if not for her incident. I was thrilled to see her not giving up on her dreams and keeping on practising to make her skills flawless as it used to be. Gong Woo Jin often froze when he was reminded of the past due to situation or two. If not for Woo Seo Riv, he never would have got the courage to step up. In a sense, they both helped each other to live again.

The side characters in this drama were very cuuuuuuuuuute. Jennifer (Ye Ji Won) was essentially mysterious but handled the house like her own family. And I absolutely adoooored Yoo Chan, he was such a sweetheart. He behaved like a kid but when it came to making decisions, his maturity amazed me. I really wanted the past to be revealed much sooner so that Gong Woo Jin realised Woo Seo Ri was none other than her first love. There were multiple hints but oh dearie, who am I kidding, this is a drama after all. I wished the revelation was a bit sooner but I was still pretty happy how every threat was connected at the end. The acting was fantastic, especially of Shin Hye Sun who portrayed that even she was 30, her brain was still stuck at 17. Due to this, it made the drama bittersweet yet a heartwarming watch!

Recommend it?


So guys, have you watched these 2 dramas yet? What did you think about it? ANY RECOMMENDATIONS GUYS??

K-Drama Review: The Great Seducer & The Liar and His Lover // Where I found my bias in Red Velvet!

Show Name: The Great Seducer/Tempted
Episodes: 32 (half an hour episodes)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [New-Adult]
Director: Kang In, Lee Dong-Hyun
Cast: Woo Do-Hwan, Joy, Mun Ka-Young, Kim Min-Jae etc.
My Rating: 


In an act of revenge, Kwon Shi Hyun makes a bet with his friends to seduce Eun Tae Hee, who believes people that are swayed by love are pathetic. After Tae Hee meets Shi Hyun, her view on love starts to change. As Shi Hyun’s secret deepens, he starts to fall in love with Tae Hee.

Ohmygosh! I loved this so much, guys! This drama literally had me screaming!

I think it’s a hit or miss drama and fortunately, it was the former for me. I don’t think I would have given it a try if not for Joy, I was still pretty reluctant when I started it. I watched The Liar and His Lover a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with her smile (She is so effing cute!!). The decision to watch this drama was sooo right, it was so freaking addicting. I have to admit most of the times I wanted to hit the characters with a frying pan on their head but oh well, when you are in love, you are.

The Great Seducer depicts the life of 3 spoiled brats who in order to suppress their emotional pain relishes in causing others trouble. Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do-Hwan) is notorious for his charms of seducing and in order to stop his father and his best friend’s mother Choi Soo-Ji (Mun Ka-Young) from getting married, he proposes to Soo-Ji. Sii-Ji takes this as an opportunity to get her revenge on his former lover Lee Ki-Young (Lee Jae-Kyoon). She wanted to ruin Eun Tae-Hee’s (Joy) life as she thought Lee Ki-Young left her for Tae-Hee. And so begins the game of lies where Soo-Ji agrees to marry him if she manages to make Eun Tae-Hee fall in love with him. But he begins to fall into his own trap when he realises his true feelings for Eun Tae-Hee.

My first thought for the three musketeers was that what a close knitted group they were. They would do about anything for each other and I quite loved that. Until the actual fact surfaced. They were so malicious that they would reach any extent to hurt another person who gave them any pain. Kwon Shi-Hyun, Choi Soo-Ji and Lee Se-Joo, all three have unstable families and they have dependent on each other since they were children. I get that, they were actually so dependent on each other and forced to care for their own but this made them completely forget that others were human too.

The trying to impress moments were goddamn hilarious! Like this one. This drama definitely had its moments!

I did not know what to think of Kwon Shi-Hyun at first. He was such a flirt and well, kinda too much. The kind of men I loathe. But his character development was so effing good! The selfish guy started caring about others after he met Eun Tae-Hee. She was a strong character, positive as well as realistic. I mean her smile lightened up the whole drama. (Yaas, I think I have a bias now… Red Velvet here I come!!) Anyways, the romance although was started all of a sudden, did not feel forced. It was kinda cute to see how both of them were struggling to convey their feelings because it was kinda first for both of them.

I honestly thought Lee Se-Joo (Kim Min-Jae), who is the third musketeer wouldn’t be as evil as Choi Soo-Ji. But oh well, he turned out to be the biggest douche-bag. He totally deserves my frying pan beating!! It was pretty clear from the start that he was in love with Choi Soo-Ji. It should have been sweet but I felt it was kinda toxic. The ultimate douche-bag of the drama was Lee Ki-Young for which this whole act started. The only one who was perfectly able to reply to him was Eun Tae-Hee. That guy was seriously too audacious, I mean how can someone be this shameless? I would have loved to see what finally happened to him but we are devoid of that. I actually loved the fact, how matured Eun Tae-Hee was in compared to those three.

The ending felt a bit rushed. Although it was beautiful, I wanted more closure. The way it ended, it wasn’t enough. Overall, this drama was pretty addicting and I would have missed out on a gem if I hadn’t given it a try. The acting was really engaging as well as the sub-plot which added more mystery to the story. This is one element which every K-drama has in common, somehow it all ties up to that one thing. Anyhoo, I will be awaiting Joy’s next drama.

Recommend it?


Show Name: The Liar and His Lover
Episodes: 16
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [New-Adult]
Director: Kim Jin-Min
Cast: Lee Hyun-Woo, Joy, Lee Jung-Jin, Lee Seo-Won, Sung Joo, Shin Je-Min, Chang Ki-Yong etc.
My Rating: 


A love story about a depressed genius music composer Kang Han Gyeol who meets the high school student Yoon So Rim when he’s living under a hidden identity. With her courageous honesty and beautiful singing, So Rim draws Han Gyeol back to her again and again. They meet love obstacles along the way as So Rim found out that Han Gyeol was actually Crude Play’s producer K and others.

The Liar and his Lover was in my to-watch list for a very long time but when of my ARMY friend recommended it, I instantly picked it up. This was my first “Joy” drama and gosh, this was sooo sweet and the songs!! I loved each and every one of them.

Yoon So-Rim (Joy) is an aspiring singer and a huge fan of the band known as Crude Play. For Yoon So-Rim, it was love at first sight when she saw Kang Han-Kyeol (Lee Hyun-Woo). For him, she was only a nuisance until he heard her voice which kept leading him back to her. Kang Han-Kyeol also known as K, is the producer of Crude Play but nobody knows his real appearance out his agency. He hides the fact to Yoon So-Rim even when they start getting close. The relationship between then starts with lies (see the common factor with the above…) but as Crude Play starts facing their own problems, he is forced to come out his hiding and deal with the problems.

Kang Han-Kyeol is the producer of all the hit songs for Crude Play but his arrogant nature and anger outbursts tend to keep everyone at bay. His character begins to change after he meets the ever shining Yoon So-Rim. Honestly, the chemistry between them was sooo sweet! Although their relationship started on a lie which was very much unintentional, its development was slow and steady. According to the drama, the age gap between the two was kinda big (not in real life though, they are only 3 years apart) but I was so relieved to see that no unnecessary issue was created on that subject. 

The inner politics of the entertainment industry was portrayed in this drama. I don’t know how much of this actually happens in real life but I wouldn’t be surprised. Because for some people in Show Biz, only the money matters. Although Kang Han-Kyeol was the childhood friend of the members of Crude Play, except one, the relationship between the guys wasn’t perfect. The development of this aspect was also refreshing. Getting accepted as who they are was the biggest competition faced by Crude Play but I absolutely loved the approach taken by the members of the band.

That damn smile…

Overall, The Liar and His Lover was worth the watch! All the OSTs were pretty much amazing and the acting was superb as well. The character development was the topmost thing that I enjoyed about this drama aside from the sweet romance. Yoon So-Rim starts out as a naive character but by the end of this drama, she has matured a lot. Same goes for Kang Han-Kyeol who realised what his selfishness had cost him. Anyway, I absolutely loved how everything was wrapped up in the end!

Recommend it?


So guys, have you watched these 2 dramas yet? What did you think about it? Do you stan Red Velvet? If yes, who’s your bias?

Drama Reviews: A mixture of Chinese, Korean and Japanese! || A Bit of Raving and Ranting!

Show Name: Love O2O (C-Drama)
Episodes: 30
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Gaming, [Adult]
Director: Lam Yuk Fan
Cast: Zheng Shuang, Yang Yang, Mao Xiao Tong, Zhang He, Niu Jun Feng, Zheng Ye Cheng, Cui Kyle, Zhang Vin, etc.
My Rating:


Xiao Nai is a gaming expert who, courtesy of his basketball skills, academic excellence, swimming talent and game company presidency, also happens to be the most popular student on campus. When he first comes across the gorgeous computer science major Bei Wei Wei, the infinitely talented wunderkind immediately falls in love. But it’s not Bei’s looks that he notices; it’s the ridiculous mastery with which she is commanding her guild and owning everyone in an online multiplayer game that makes her impossible to forget. Now, Xiao Nai must use his skills both in real life and online to capture the adorable but dorky Bei’s heart. But does their love have the XP to succeed, or will this relationship never level up?

Honestly, I was 100% sure that I was not going to watch this drama. But well… as you can see I did. xD And daaaaaamn, I understood why people love it so much!! I recently finished Ready Player One and I realised that some of the gaming aspects were so similar, I loooooved it!!

First of all, this drama was pretty refreshing and unique. Xiao Nai (Yang Yang) and Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang) are both players of a virtual role-play quest game. Xiao Nai accidentally learns that Bei Wei Wei is the female warrior he admires in the game. They both team up in the game while Bei Wei Wei is still unaware of her partner’s identity in real life. When they finally decide to meet, Bei Wei Wei is equally bewildered and excited to learn the truth and then the fun begins!!

I LOVED the gaming aspect of this show. Sometimes more than the real-life aspect. It was so damn exciting and interesting! It was shown quite in vivid details and I enjoyed each and every moment of the action and that beautiful mystic world. When they were playing the characters were portrayed as in the game as their characters which gave it a more solid impression.

Both Xiao Nai and Bei Wei Wei are Computer Science majors, geeks and gamers and their similar taste pushed them more together. Also, I absolutely loved the TRUST factor that was shown in this drama. It’s kind of pretty rare but it’s the absolute thing I love. Xiao Nai was the unattainable, popular and handsome face of the school, so seeing them together many tried to break them off but their trust in each other didn’t let anything falter. And that my dear, was swoon-worthy!!

Bei Wei Wei was a pretty strong protagonist. Along with being an excellent student and gamer, she was confident and didn’t let any wrongdoings just pass by her. Before Xiao Nai had actually met her, some of his actions were a bit stalkerish but it didn’t seem that big. I mean I know it’s bad, but here it was not like that intentionally. But the romance between them developed pretty fast. Like faaaaaaast. I wish the development took a little more time and also another thing was that both of the main leads were too perfect. As much as I loved those aspects, an actual person can’t be all that perfect.

The two antagonists were quite refreshing as well. They were students like our main leads but their character development was pretty amazing. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they accepted the challenges head-on instead of taking a different and negative approach.

Xiao Nai’s three best friends were pretty hilarious and pretty damn awesome and supportive. And there was this little BL plotline with Hao Mei and KO, gaaaahhh!! It was cuuuuuuute!! I wish they showed more to it, although their story definitely ended on a positive note but I soooo wish we had more of it!! Bei Wei Wei’s best friend Er Xi was so adorable, she was petite and looked up to Bei Wei Wei but things did get a bit rough between these two and honestly, I could understand where Er Xi’s insecurity came from but despite that fact when the one mean girl told shit about Bei Wei Wei to turn her against her, she actually understood she was not alone, her best friend had to suffer too. It had the exact opposite effect and I was nearly in happy tears!!

Overall, Love O2O was a pretty amazing drama. The plot and the characters managed to surprise me plenty of time. Although I felt that the drama could have been a little bit shorter, like 25 episodes instead of 30 because a few episodes did get a little monotonous. Apart from that, I have no complaints. Also, each and every face off in the game was sooo awesome.

Damn it! All these gaming shit is making me want to play something!!

Recommend it?

Holy damn yes!

Show Name: Part-Time Idol (K-Drama)
Episodes: 5
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Young-Adult]
Cast: Kwon Hyun Bin, Lee Soo Hyun, Hwang Seung Eon, Kim Hee Jung, Kwon Young Deuk, Kim Min Kyo, etc.
My Rating:


The storyline takes place at an entertainment agency. After creating a bunch of famous idols, a producer begins to question the whole process of making a star, so he goes on a break for a few years. Once he returns to the company, he gathers some trainees left on the back burner and tries to launch a co-ed idol group. The trainees undergo some peculiar training to debut in this group.

This. Show. Was. Adorable!!!

Kwon Hyun Bin, Lee Soo Hyun, Kim Hee Jung, Soo Ah have been trainees for a long time yet they haven’t got the chance to debut as the superiors think they won’t be able to make it. Jeong Tae Kyung (Kim Min Kyo) one of the famous producers returns from his hiatus and when he sees them, he challenges the company that they can do it and hence the fun begins!

First of all, this is more of a character based drama and all the characters were sooo freaking cute and adorable in their own way. But they were a bit different from others. So, Kim Hee Jung used a different technique to fuel their talent. He used anger as a tool for Jeong Tae Kyung’s rap, boosted Lee Soo Hyun’s confidence but Soo Ah’s one was the weirdest and funny. All of these techniques were pretty much hilarious but they worked well enough! Kwon Young Deuk later joins the group as a dance instructor but ultimately becomes a member of the group as well. And believe me, these 5 people were worth the watch!

I loved their first shoot! It was so fun and amazing! They had a different concept but when the others tried to spoil it, they went on doing it their own way and I just loooooved that! It was actually pretty amazing!

This was legit my favourite scene in this drama!! XD

My favourite was definitely Soo Ah. She was sooo optimistic and bubbly, she managed to bring a smile every single time. I liked how these 5 different individuals with different talent came together as a group. The friendship between the characters was refreshing to watch along with the little bit of itsy bitsy romance that we got.

Recommend it?


Show Name: Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu (J-Drama)
Episodes: 10
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Director: Satoru Nakajima
Cast: Haruka Ayase, Sota Fukushi, Hiroshi Tamaki, etc.
My Rating:


Aoishi Hanae is a plain, inconspicuous office lady who has had no experience in love and no boyfriend. On her 30th birthday, she happens to end up drinking with Tanokura Yuto, a cool university student nine years her junior who is also a part-timer at her company, on the way home from a welcome party for new employees. Hanae gets drunk. When she wakes up the next morning, she finds a naked Yuto sleeping next to her. She has her first experience and first boyfriend out of the blue. Even when Hanae and Yuto go on to date, it is a daily process of trial and error because everything is a first for Hanae, including an amusement park date, a sleepover, Christmas Eve or a couple’s trip. To complicate matters, she also gets a proposal from Asao Yu, the CEO of an Italian food company who is popular with women, and a love triangle develops.

I had pretty high hopes for this one because I thought it was going to be adorable and fluffy, instead, I got awkward stuff and the female lead running in the opposite direction whenever a problem arose.

Hanae Aoishi (Haruka Ayase) never had a boyfriend but when her colleagues take her out for some drinks, she ends up getting drunk and finds herself naked beside Tanokura Yuto (Sota Fukushi) in the morning, a 9 years younger university student who’s interning at the company where she works. When Tanokura makes it clear that he is serious about her, she decides to give their relationship a try but it doesn’t come free of trials and errors.

Okay, so the thing is that Tanokura confesses to Hanae (which she went willingly) after their night together that he’s serious about her and stuff buuuut before that he doesn’t show any particular interest in her and suddenly after one day, he’s in love? And the other thing which I didn’t like much was Hanae’s running away from her problems. The awkward level was tooooooooooo damn high between the main leads due to which I couldn’t enjoy the chemistry between the characters much. But some moments were cute! Also, a love triangle arises out of nowhere! Like seriously! Except for Tanokura, I didn’t enjoy the other characters much so I mostly skimmed watched this. It was tedious and cliched.

Recommend it?


Soooooo guys, have you seen these dramas? Are you interested in watching them in the future?

K-Drama Mini Reviews: The Contemporary-Romance Skimmed Edition // Where I have no Idea If I should Recommend or Not!

Drama Name: My Secret Romance
Episodes: 13

Cha Jin-Wook (Sung Hoon) is a son of a wealthy family who doesn’t like having long-term relationships but when his one-night stand who he hasn’t been able to forget, aka Lee Yoo-Mi (Song Ji-Eun) who mysteriously disappeared the next morning joins his company, things start to change for the both of them.

Okay, soooo this drama is hella cliched and predictable. But if you’re in the mood for something sweet and not complex then this is definitely the show for you. Despite the predictability, this was a cute watch actually. I liked how Lee Yoo-Mi never gave up on herself despite failing in her job almost every time. And she was pretty awkward around Cha Jin-Wook a.k.a her boss which made the situations pretty funny sometimes. The chemistry between them is definitely the number one thing that made me finish this drama!

Drama Name: The Heirs
Episodes: 20

My only reason to watch this ridiculous drama is because of Lee Min-Ho. Though I still had some expectations because of the cast. But this drama was kind of the father of melodrama. Anyhoooo, onto the review.

Cha Eun-Sang (Park Shin-Hye) belongs to a pretty poor family who goes to California to visit her sister but the visit turns out disastrous where a stranger aka Kim Tan (Lee Min-Ho) helps her in the end. She collides him with the 2nd time when she is admitted to the same school. This drama was the rags to riches kind of story which was extremely exaggerated. A love triangle was kinda forced, there were the cliched mean girl and the ultimate couple of the school. The plot was too predictable but I just wanted to finish this somehow. Like what even was the plot?

Both the main leads fall for each other but their status comes between them as Kim Tan’s father can’t see his son with a poor girl and blah blah. You get my point. They sacrifice, they give up a lot but finally end up together. The end.

Drama name: Playful Kiss
Episodes: 16

I WAS PRETTY OUTRAGED WITH THIS DRAMA!!! I should have seriously dnf-ed this one because this deserves no love at all! Because of the goddamn egoistic male lead and the female lead with no self-respect.

Oh Ha-Ni (Jung So-Min) has had a crush on Baek Seung-Jo (Kim Hyun-Joong) forever but she gets rejected in front of the whole school. After an earthquake which destroys their house, they move to her father’s childhood friend’s house which is ultimately Seung-Jo’s father. (Like wow!)

I lost count of how many times Oh Ha-Ni got treated like a trash by Seung-Jo who is pretty much a douchebag but oh no! He likes her secretly!! What in the holy hell!! Are you goddamn serious!!! Why would you treat the person you like in the worst possible manner? And even after every single incident she still went around Seung-Jo wherever e went!! That girl seriously had no self-respect at all.

The only two characters I liked in this drama were Bong Joon-Gu (Lee Tae-Seong) and Seung-Jo’s mother. She was the biggest shipper of the couple but she definitely went overboard a few times. Bong Joon-Gu made his feelings about Oh Ha-Ni no secret and cherished her. He was always by her side. Yes, he was kind of funny and weird but he was 100 times better than the male lead. I was glad to see he got a happy ending in the end but he was the actual gem present right in front of Oh Ha-Ni’s eyes and she missed out on it.

Drama Name: Reply 1997
Episodes: 16

I had a looooot of high hopes for this one because I have only heard great things about this drama. But I found it not quite as engaging as I thought it would be. (Maybe it’s because I watched many clips on YouTube before? I dunno.)

The plot revolved around a female high school student Shi-Won (Jung Eun-Ji). The story unfolds in two ways. One, we get to see the present, at their high school reunion dinner in 2012 and the other part of the story is told in flashback mode (from 1997) where their journeys from high school to college and ultimately how they became what they are now.

Despite the drama being a little boring, I still enjoyed the story and the narration style. In every episode one thing was left up to the imagination of the audience, that is who did Shi-Won ended up with since Yoon Yoon-Je (Seo In-Guk, I looooove him asdfgljkgf!! Okay!!) and his brother both liked her. In the reunion, we see all 3 of them and the answer unfolds in the last episode. I think I didn’t enjoy it more because I already knew who she would end up with. (My ship sailed thankfully!)

This drama definitely had its moments. It was realistically depicted and I loved the friendships between all the characters. Despite everything, it ended on a sweet note which left me satisfied.

Drama Name: Innocent Man
Episodes: 20

Where the man is definitely, absolutely, 100% not innocent.

I still have no idea what and why I watched this drama. I am still in awe (I don’t know if it’s good or bad. It was that weird). This is makjang drama at its highest.

This drama was actually like the Hindi serials which go on an on or years without any solid plot where even the audience forgets why they started watching this in the first place. But as much as this drama was pointless, it was hella addictive as well. I couldn’t stop watching despite being frustrated!!

Basically, Kang Ma-Roo (Song Joong-Ki) kinda gets betrayed by the love of his life Jae-Hee (Park Si-Yeon) who is willing to go beyond anything to achieve her dreams of being rich. After a certain turn of circumstances when Ma-Roo sees Jae-Hee after a lot of years, married and living her dream, he decides to get revenge, using another woman, Eun-Gi (Moon Chae-Won) who is technically Jae-Hee’s stepdaughter. (Ho! hahahaha!)

Eun-Gi is a smart businesswoman, I don’t know why or how she fell for Ma-Roo, it was a bit insta-lovey. When she ultimately learns the truth, she loses her memory in an accident and the smart, amazing woman somehow becomes a blubbering mess and dependent where she again falls for him. Ma-Roo who first approached her with a different intention starts to develop feelings for her and when he is finally sure about his feelings, she gets her memories back!


I hated Jae-Hee with all my heart. That woman was vile and only looked out for herself, though the ending tried to justify her actions but damn, how can a woman like that be forgiven? Ma-Roo was equally to be blamed, he actually brought all it on himself. The ending felt rushed too and basically, it came out of nowhere. I wanted to see the relationship between Ma-Roo and Eun-Gi develop slowly but instead, I got the melodrama with a plateful of petty revenge.

Have you guys seen any of these K-Dramas? What did you think about it? Did you enjoy any of these?

K-Drama Reviews: I’m Not a Robot & Another Oh Hae Young || Double Trouble Edition!

Show Name: I’m Not a Robot
Episodes: 32 (half an hour episodes)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Director: Jung Dae-Yoon
Cast: Yoo Seung-Ho, Chae Soo-Bin, Uhm Ki-Joon, Park Se-Wan, Song Jae-Ryong, Kim Min-Kyu, Kang Ki-Young, etc.
My Rating:


Kim Min Gyu has wealth and success but lives an isolated life due to his allergy of people. He then meets and falls in love with a girl who is pretending to be a robot for her ex-boyfriend, a genius robots professor.

The blurb sounds a bit messed up, doesn’t it? 😂😂

I randomly started this because after the drama name caught my attention and well, this was a pretty awesome and fun drama!

Min-Kyu (Yoo Seung-Ho) is the largest shareholder of a finance company but lives in seclusion due to his allergy to human touch. And Ji-A (Chae Soo-Bin) is an aspiring entrepreneur who also works as a personal shopper. When she gets a call from her ex-boyfriend, a scientist and the inventor of the latest android robot Aji 3 who is in trouble because of the damage caused to the robot and needs help and agrees to pay her in return. Ji-A who is without a permanent job agrees to play the role of Aji 3 until the actual robot can be fixed but when feelings come into the way, things start becoming complicated.

Soooooooooooo, Min-Kyu, our male lead becomes allergic to human touch after he faced a certain betrayal in his childhood after his parent’s death. He has been suffering like that for 12 years, all alone but when the opportunity to get a companion in the form a robot presents itself, he decides to give it a try before purchasing it. But the actual android Aji 3 gets damaged by one of the members of the team and Ji-A is called in to fill the role.

Honestly, it’s absolutely hilarious from the very beginning. Ji-A is a straight-forward woman who speaks whatever comes to her mind but she is forced to do the biddings of Min-Kyu who decides to test her thinking her as Aji 3 with various peculiar tasks. And those create some very interesting and fun situations where I found myself unable to stop laughing! I mean, it was pretty crazy to think that Min-Kyu actually believed her as a robot. But I was not the only one surprised. Even Ji-A was surprised to the extent that she thought she was too good at acting or either he was too dumb! 😂 I think it was a bit of a both!

Anyway,I looooved Ji-A from the very beginning, although she didn’t want to agree on this job but the lack of funds gave her no choice. But I was not much of a fan of Min-Kyu at the beginning as he came off as a stuck up person who never ever smiled but after he actually started smiling… I was a goner. As well as Ji-A. Min-Kyu had no problem when Ji-A touched him which surprised me a lot but the answer came quickly enough. Trust was the key factor. The feelings between the leads developed slowly, just the way I liked it and there was a little angst too because one person didn’t even know he was falling in love with an actual person and not a robot.

The plot takes a different twist when the dealings with Aji 3 come into danger because somehow the villains decipher the truth about their fake android. And then the melodrama begins… though it was not as boring as I thought, it was a little cute and a little obsessive though. But after the truth gets revealed, heal breeeeaks lose. It broke my heart to see both of them hurting but I loved that Ji-A was not someone who gave up easily.

There were a few threads here and there which wrapped up perfectly in the end and I was pretty satisfied with the cast and the acting!And there was also one fact at the end which surprised the hell out of me, I think almost everybody, I won’t say what it was but it was soooo awesome, you guys need to see for yourself!!

Recommend it?


Show Name: Another Oh Hae Young
Episodes: 18
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Director: Song Hyun-Wook
Cast: Eric, Seo Hyun-Jin, Jeon Hye-Bin, Ye Ji-Won, Kim Ji-Suk, Heo Jeong-Min, etc.
My Rating:


There are two women named Oh Hae Yeong, who were classmates in high school, getting all mixed up in each other’s lives because they share the same name. The problem is that they not only share the name, but they also have the same occupation, which is probably the bigger issue. They both come to work for the same large catering company, but one is a team leader while the other is simply an assistant manager. Then there’s also a man in their lives, who has the ability to see into the future…

Have you ever been in a situation where there are two or more people with the same name and everything becomes a confusing mess because of that?

Me? Not exactly but in standard 4 we had three Poulami in class. I thought it was pretty fun actually because my name’s not too common. Also, I have a lot of friends with same names but that hasn’t caused one hell of a problem so far.

In this drama, there are 2 Oh Hae Yeongs who studied at the same school and got work in the same company. Our main lead, Oh Hae-Young (Seo Hyun-Jin) was an average student to the other Oh Hae-Young (Jeon Hye-Bin). The other one was popular, good in studies and got all the attention from boys. Even after they started their work life, they both got into the same company and the confusion about the two Oh Hae Youngs remained.

Okay, the thing is that I enjoyed the drama. And that effing romance was haaaaawt as hell!! But don’t you think this is too much exaggerated. I only mean the confusion part. I mean you study at a school for a loooooooot of years, the confusion’s bound to clear up one time or the other, same for their work life but that wasn’t the case here which seemed unrealistic to me.

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, let’s come back to the drama. It’s going to sound a bit confusing though.

Our male lead, Park Do-Kyung (Eric) who is a sound producer (I didn’t know that work of a sound producer was sooo tough but hella interesting!!) decides to get revenge on Han Tae-Jin (Lee Jae-Yoon) who is actually the fiancee of our female lead but Park Do-Kyung once saw a picture of his Hae Young with this guy and thought he was the reason she ditched him at their marriage day and they were probably going to marry soon when he hears a gossip from a friend. Soo, apparently things become messy because of the confusion. When Park Do-Kyung realises he had taken revenge on the wrong Oh Hae-Young, things have already gone south. But this is the woman who he has visions about and when a situation leads to them becoming roommates things start to change between the two of them.

Woooooooah!! Did you guys understand what I was trying to say?? 😂😂 I might have confused myself!!

Anyway, the plot well, it was kinda weird because of so much of the mix ups but the characters were actually amazing. I loved the character development of our leads throughout the entire series. We see them grow, fall for each other, learn the disastrous truth yet they can’t let go of each other. Oh, Hae Young (the main one!!) have always suffered from low-self esteem because all her life she has been compared to the other Hae Young but slowly she learns that the other Hae Young might not have been as perfect as she had thought. She finally learns to come in term with it and eventually move forward.

Also, Han Tae-Jin (Lee Jae-Yoon) reason for break up with our main lead was quite weirdly shocking. I didn’t know whether to get pissed or laugh. Was he dumb? 😂

I don’t know if vision thingy of Park Do-Kyung was necessary but well it was not much of a problem either and things became quite a bit interesting at the end because of that. One of the things I loooved the most in this drama was Oh Hae Young’s family, especially her mother who was hella protective of her daughter (to a certain healthy level) and loved her immensely. The interactions between the mother-daughter was actually a treat to watch.

On the other hand, Park Do-Kyung’s mother was the complete opposite. She was a money-hungry leech and I wanted to hit her with a frying pan every time she came into view. Anyway, the relationship between Park Do-Kyung and Oh Hae Young was a bit different which I actually enjoyed, the chemistry between them was undeniable and the romance was a little slow burn and I loooooooooved it!!! It was definitely one of the key factors of this show!

The other two couples were also a treat to watch, especially them!! 😂😂😂

Other than that, I enjoyed the cast and the acting!!

Recommend it?


Soo guys have you watched these two dramas yet?? Is it on your to-watch list? 

K-Drama Reviews: Oh My Ghostess & Bring it on, Ghost || The Ghostly Edition!

Show Name: Oh My Ghostess
Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, [Adult]
Director: Yoo Je-Won
Cast: Park Bo-Young, Cho Jung-Seok, Lim Ju-Hwan, Kim Seul-Gi, Kang Ki-Young etc.
My Rating:


Bong-sun, a timid young woman, is possessed by the ghost of a lustful virgin. She has zero self-confidence, and because of her extreme shyness, she doesn’t have any close friends. At the restaurant where she works as an assistant, she’s not particularly good at anything, and mostly just gets yelled at a lot. Her grandmother was a shaman so from a young age she’s been able to occasionally see ghosts, though it’snot until she meets the lascivious ghost that she gets possessed totally. Sun-woo is a conceited star chef who’s overflowing with confidence in his food and his skills. Bong-sun harbours a secret crush on him, though he doesn’t take much notice of her for two reasons: because he’s always surrounded by women and because he’s hung up on an old flame. But then one day, Bong-sun starts acting differently, shedding her mousy personality, and ends up constantly in Sun-woo’s mind.

Okay, this show was absolutely hilarious! Park Bo-Young is such an adorably versatile actress. Her role in this drama was the complete opposite of what she played in Strong Woman Do-Bong Soon but she executed both the roles so perfectly. I am still in awe.

Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) is an aspirant cook and a socially awkward woman who possesses the ability to see ghosts. She works under Sun-Woo (Cho Jung-Seok), her favourite chef ever who she harbours a secret crush on. Due to her special ability, she is tormented day and night until she meets Shin Soon-Ae (Kim Seul-Gi) a lustful virgin ghost who believes she can finally cross the veil and go the afterworld if she does the deed. Reluctant at first but she soon agrees when she understands she wouldn’t stand a chance against the other women is she had to win Sun-Woo’s heart.

The plot was a mixture of comedy and suspense which I utterly enjoyed. Bong-Sun is very awkward and clumsy in the kitchen and has a constant habit to say sorry even if it isn’t her fault. I felt so damn bad for her, on top of that the ghosts also tormented her. But after she meets Soon-Ae and agrees to let her possess her, the whole game changes. Although it was completely wrong on her part to win a man’s heart this way but it was still hilarious.

Her personality changed completely, it became like the opposite sides of the pole. She became confident and didn’t take any more shit from the other chefs who used to bully her but they all came under her thumb when she was in the possessed state, it was damn funny! It’s then that Sun-Woo actually notices her. The thing was when Soon-Ae possessed Bong-Sun, Bong-Sun couldn’t remember anything that happened when she was possessed which led to a lot of funny and awkward situations. Also, Soon-Ae’s was over the top enthusiast to get laid which was pretty hilarious as well.

But Soon-Ae’s love for his father was one of the reasons which made me so emotional. Although she doesn’t how she died, it hurt her so bad to see her father blaming himself for her death. But being possessed she completed all the duties a daughter should with love and care and it brought tears to eyes. 😦 Especially that ending part.

But it was pretty clear, at least for me that Soon-Ae would develop feelings for Sun-Woo because he really treated her with so much respect and love as he got to know her. But the romance was sooo damn sweeeeeet!! This drama was not devoid of heartbreaking moments either because I teared up a few times. But the actual twist comes into the view when we are introduced to the villain who was really scary and he was constantly in the midst of everybody yet no one understood. Which also revealed Soon-Ae’s fate and I can only say that what happened made me cry soooo bad. But this is one of the facts that I loooove about K-Dramas is that how they connect all the dots and round everything up it the end that finally makes a complete sense.

When the truth gets revealed at the end regarding the big bad wolf, it’s actually heartbreaking (it made me crrrrry!) but thankfully, the writers did not totally blast off my heart. Although the ending was bittersweet, it left me happy and full of hope. Overall, Oh My Ghostess is a fantastic watch with a great cast and dialogues layered with humour. I loved the character development of Bong-Sun who finally learns to stand on her own feet with confidence and the plot was executed smoothly.

Recommend it?


Show Name: Bring it on, Ghost
Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, [Young-Adult]
Director: Park Joon-Hwa
Cast: Taec Yeon, Kim So-Hyun, Kwon Yool, Kim Sang-Ho etc.
My Rating:


A cohabitation comedy about a ghost of a high school girl who has been dead for 5 years and an exorcist college boy with the ability to see and hear ghosts. What he’s discovered over the years is that he can touch them and fight them off, so when he’s in need of a part-time job and can’t find one that pays well enough, he starts putting ads online as an exorcist for hire. His ad: “Will face off with your ghosts. Chances of winning: virgin ghosts 80%, bachelor ghosts 40%, child ghosts 97%, the rest 50%.” One night he goes out on the job and faces off with a schoolgirl ghost, and during the fight, they accidentally kiss and sparks fly.

Yeah dude, that much spark did not so fly at that moment. It fleeeeeew after…

Soooo anyway, I didn’t have much expectation before I started this drama but I ended up loving it. It was pretty fun and adorable at times.

Park Bong-Pal (Taec Yeon) possess the ability to see and touch ghosts and he works as a part-time exorcist to earn money. On a particular case, he comes across a ghost of a school girl, Kim Hyun-Ji (Kim So-Hyun) who fights him back. Due to certain circumstances, they decide to work together, mostly Hyun-Ji who doesn’t remember anything about how she died or any other memory and her only hope is Bong-Pal. But both of them are unaware of the evil spirit that haunts them which might lead to their ultimate doom.

The plot of this drama was pretty engaging. When Hyun-Ji (Isn’t she sooo freaking cute!!!) discovers about Bong-Pal she finally gets the hope of crossing the veil. Bong-Pal who is at first reluctant finds that as a team they can work much better fighting evil spirits. Their relationship started off, well obviously in a fight but slowly and steadily it became something more but it was inevitable that such a relationship can’t forever exist and I was scared to death about that. But the two of them together brought a lot of hilarious moments and I can’t deny the chemistry between them either. I soooo shipped them!!

Anyway, every episode had a sub-plot which kept everything interesting while the main plot maintained its steady pace. Also, Choi Chun-Sang (Kang Ki-Young) and Kim In-Rang (David Lee) were one of the best parts of this drama because they didn’t let a single moment be dull and hilarious enough to make my stomach ache!!! The villain of this drama was hella creepy. He gave chills!! Like seriously, his one look was enough menacing to make someone run the other way but he disguised his true self in such a way that it was impossible to find out. (I mean it’s pretty easy to find out but that would just make it a smol drama).

As Hyun-Ji gets flashes of her memory, the villain gets more agitated to take action against her. And ironically when he tries to kill Hyun-Ji, the total opposite happens to make things more complicated in the process. I was a bit scared how everything would go on after that but I was quite surprised to see the flow maintained. And the final face-off was kinda scary, I think I was shouting… (Like they are actually gonna listen. Ha!) and I thought the last episode was going to keep me hanging but it was shoooo damn adorable, I died!!

Overall, Bring it on, Ghost was a fun watch and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Although the plot was sometimes dark, the drama was mostly light-hearted. The plot and the characters were engaging enough and the actors executed their roles perfectly. I sooo want to see more dramas like this!

Recommend it?


Soo guys have you watched these two dramas yet?? Is it on your to-watch list? Do you have any more recommendations like these?

K-Drama Review: While You Were Sleeping || Where You spend Sleepless Nights because of its Awesomeness!

Show Name: While You Were Sleeping
Episodes: 32 (half an hour episodes)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, [Adult]
Director: Oh Choong-Hwan
Cast: Lee Jong-Suk, Bae Suzy, Lee Sang-Yeob, Jung Hae-In, Min Sung-Wook, Kim Won-Hae etc.
My Rating:

Blurb (from Goodreads):

A supernatural romance about a woman who can see the future in her dreams, and a prosecutor who fights to stop these future events from happening. The heroine has dreams about unfortunate events that will happen to other people, and the hero is a prosecutor who runs around trying to prevent her tragic visions from coming true.

This is one of the most freaking amazing and awesome drama in this whole effing universe!!!!

That is me embracing this drama

Also, seriously if you decide to watch a drama with just reading the blurb, you’ll end up watching nothing in the end. And if you are confused, read reviews and YouTube is very helpful in this case. But puhleeease watch this epicness, okay.

Goblin holds a special place in my heart but this definitely takes the equal place beside it. It was that good. I was really hesitant at first because some of the comments swayed me (Many doesn’t like Suzy, might I know why?? She is freaking awesome and adorable!!) but I decided to give at least one try. And that was enough. I was hooked from episode 1!!

Hong-Joo (Bae Suzy) has the ability to see future deaths which is more of a curse to her than a boon because except her mother nobody believes her and she has to live with guilt and helplessness. Things start spiralling out of control after she foresees her mother’s death. Meanwhile, Jae-Chan (Lee Jong-Suk) is a rookie prosecutor who moves into her neighbourhood with his brother. He, in turn, has a devasting vision about Hong-Joo which somehow interconnects their fate and together they decide to save as many people as possible.

First of all, the first episode is amaaaaazing. It gave me a whiplash. I was sitting with mouth gaping after episode 1 ended. Woah. And then the actual story began. It was a hell of a ride people!! The most amazing one! The plot was executed pretty neatly, there may have been some plot holes but I didn’t care for them much. Hong-Joo was an established news reporter but after having a vision of her own death, her mother forbade her to work there but the turn of events didn’t let that to stay in place.

Jae-Chan finally starts working as a prosecutor and he is so dedicated to his job. LOL. But there he meets Yoo-Beom (Lee Sang-Yeob). They used to be friends as kids but after one incident everything changed. Jae-Chan comes face to face with him after so many years. I have seen Lee Sang-Yeob in so many dramas now, he is definitely a diverse actor and he absolutely nailed his role as a villain in this drama. From the very first moment we are introduced to him, there no’s denying that he would be the one to destroy them. He gave off that villain aura, and oh goooood, he was a total psychopath, a sane fully functional psychopath if that makes any sense.

Jae-Chan and Hong-Joo’s fate interconnects after they both have the dream about her death. And after that, they start working together along with this cute police officer Han Woo-Tak (Jung Hae-In). Okay, the 2nd lead syndrome was not heavy in the drama but it was in my heart… He was such a good person. Anyway, after one incident, everything starts connecting to one particular incident which led to Yoo-Beom but they had no solid proof. And this was the most interesting thing in this drama, finding proof based on their visions.

And the court proceedings!! Damn, I didn’t know I would enjoy law related dramas so much!! But those were so intriguing and full of suspense, especially the last case which involved the main characters, the suspense kept me on the edge the entire time. Anyway, another character whom I adored was Choi Dam-Dong (Kim Won-Hae), he was a true mentor to Jae-Chan and he’s such a diverse actor as well!

Hong-Joo and Jae-Chan had amazing chemistry together. I mean, they were such an adorable couple. The romance was not rushed and I loved how it slowly and steadily developed with each episode. And they made a hell of a team and I always wondered how the scene in the 1st trailer would be executed and I was impressed with how it spanned out. I was literally cheering!!

Aside from the main incident, there were numerous others and each and every one of them were sooo effing interesting to watch. This drama was definitely unpredictable and I loved the fact about it. And everything clicked into place in the final moment and that was one epic moment. The sub-plot was pretty interesting. And there was one devasting moment which had me sobbing like a smol child. My heart broke into pieces!!

Overall, While You Were Sleeping was a phenomenal watch. If you haven’t watched it yet, you are missing out on a loooot. The plot was developed and executed in a manner which was able to hold the suspense until the very end. The cast was absolutely perfect!!! And the actors did a tremendously good job. And the pacing of this drama was also even, I never felt bored for a single second nor wanted to skim any scene. Although the ending was a little bittersweet, it left me completely satisfied.

Recommend it?


So guys have you watched this drama yet?? What did you love the best about it? Or is it still on your to-watch list? Do you have any recommendations in the urban fantasy genre?

K-Drama Reviews: Suspicious Partner & Healer || Ji Chang-Wook edition!

Show Name: Suspicious Partner
Episodes: 40 (half an hour episodes)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Law&Order, [Adult]
Director: Park Sun-Ho
Cast:  Ji Chang-Wook, Nam Ji-Hyun, Choi Tae-Joon, Nara, Jang Hyuk-Jin etc.
My Rating: 


Noh Ji Wook is a unique prosecutor. He is handsome, hard-headed and intelligent who strives hard to be successful. He is the perfect example of what a prosecutor should be. Later, he becomes a lawyer.
Eun Bong Hee is a prosecutor trainee. Once a former taekwondo instructor, she trained to become a lawyer. She is confident and strong, but naive. She is assigned to work under Ji Wook.
They work together on a mysterious case involving a sly psychopath murderer. As they’re working as a team, they develop affection between them.

Seriousfreakingly, why are the blurbs like this? It makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. -_-

Soooo this review is looong dew. I don’t clearly remember every single detail since watched it months ago but I remember absolutely loving it!! I actually enjoyed it more than the Healer which was my first Ji Chang-Wook drama.

This boyo is absolutely worth watching. *insert winky face*

This drama was a treat to watch. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji-Hyun) is a prosecutor trainee when she accidentally becomes a murder suspect because her ex-boyfriend was found murdered in her house when she was not in. Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang-Wook) is also a prosecutor but he later gives it up and becomes a lawyer to prove Eun Bong Hee’s innocence when he slowly gets to know her. Will he be able to save her or the actual killer will get away scot-free?

First of all, this drama was so freaking interesting and it kept me on the edge the entire time. The irony was the if the killer knew a particular truth about Eun Bong Hee, none of these would have happened but when he gets to know it’s already too late and he commits more crime in order to hide the other. This is how it happens kiddos. 😦

Eun Bong Hee and Noh Ji Wook’s fates clashed once before they were actually introduced to each other. They started off on the wrong foot but c’mon Eun Bong Hee was too adorable to resist. Like seriously, she was so effing cute. Despite her being framed and all the negativity thrown towards her, she tried to stay as positive as possible. The small things that she did slowly unintentionally won over Noh Ji Wook’s stubborn heart who had shut off her heart due to a previous betrayal.

Okay, but the most, like the most awesome thing about the drama was finding the truth about the killer. Seriously, it was so freaking intriguing!! There were bread crumbs everywhere leading to the real truth but the killer was just too damn smart in hiding his trails. I mean he was always there in front but due to no proof, their hands were tight. I loved the way the story panned out and the court trials were damn interesting to watch. I never thought I would say this but I am actually loving lawery drama stuff!! I love romance okay, like loooooove it but when the plot’s this interesting nothing else matters though I have to say the chemistry between them was swee-eet and the romance evolved slowly.

The only thing I didn’t like about this drama was the sudden twist just before the end which was not necessary at all. I mean it didn’t even connect with the main storyline but I think it’s a common trope in K-dramas to somehow link the past. I do not like it. Why is it even necessary? And Eun Bong Hee made the foolish decision ever but I was glaaaad when everything finally found its right place. Phew.

Overall, Suspicious Partner was an awesome, heart-pounding watch with adorable romance. The second lead a.k.a. Ji Eun-Hyuk (Choi Tae-Joon) and Cha Yoo-Jung (Nara) was surprisingly fun to watch because and see how things evolved as Choi Tae-Joon being the ex-girlfriend in the equation. But it was actually handled pretty well. But my most favourite character was Officer Bang (Jang Hyuk-Jin) who assisted Noh Ji Wook in his cases. He was pretty damn hilarious!! Actually, whenever the small group of 5 came together to have a meeting, it was so fun to watch! The pace was well maintained and I loved how it was executed except that small itsy-bitsy weird past stuff.

Recommend it?


Show Name: Healer
Episodes: 20
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Thriller, [Adult]
Director: Lee Jung-Sub, Kim Jin-Woo
Cast: Ji Chang-Wook, Park Min-Young, Yoo Ji-Tae, Kim Mi-Kyung, Oh Gwang-Rok
My Rating:


Seo Jung Hoo is so-called “errand boy”. For a relevant price, he may complete any task, only if it’s not connected with murder. Under Healer’s mask, he had run foul of some organizations that now strive to catch him, however, no one knows who he really is. He can count on older woman’s help, genius hacker responsible for the technical part of their job. One of his tasks is closely connected to one girl, Chae Yeong Shin, second-rate tabloid reporter. She starts to have an interest about Healer when he tries to get close to her, which results in the discovery of their common past.

Everybody loooooves this drama. Almost 99.9%, I also did but I don’t know I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped I would because of all the rave reviews.

Seo Jung Hoo (Ji Chang-Wook) works under the name of Healer, he takes the kind of job which an ordinary person would refuse to do, except when it comes to murder. When he gets a case to protect Chae Yeong Shin (Park Min-Young), he disguises himself as a reporter and becomes a fellow colleague. Chae Yeong Shin who has already heard about Healer becomes more interested to find out who he is after he saves her a couple of time. But things start to become messy when the Elder enters the scenario and the past comes to haunt them back.

Okaaaay, so I don’t exactly remember this one much as well, not more than the former. But I do remember the past flashback thingy very much confused me very much. Anyways, Seo Jung Hoo lives a secluded life and works with an unknown Hacker who gives him the job and she is the only one he could trust. Apart from another messenger nobody knows his identity. Chae Yeong Shin (who was soooo adorable) was actually quite similar to him in this aspect because she suffered from an incident which scarred her forever, so her only friend was her father (who was very very awesome I must say) and his assistant. Both their characters equally balanced each other and I loved that fact.

But as much as I loved the romance, the starting of that love didn’t feel quite real enough for me. As it slowly proceeded, their relationship developed but I felt the romance was suddenly thrown in my face, maybe I felt this because of Jung’s double identity, dunno. But that was only in the romantic aspect, other than that he executed his dual disguise personality very perfectly. (Don’t hit me, guys. Even virtually. I am smol being.) But everything after that was soooo cute!! I loved those two together!

I looooved the action sequences, there were definitely my favourite moments and the ajumma hacker was quite awesome as well. The plot slowly ties up all the clues together and also about Chae Yeong Shin’s past but I was getting confused about the group of 5 friends of the past and the present circumstances. After the villain a.k.a the Elder is revealed, things started becoming clear but I wish the antagonist was a little more dynamic. Yes, he did effing bad things but he didn’t give away the scary villain aura.

Overall, Healer was an interesting watch but I was didn’t feel connected to the plot. I didn’t have any major issues with this drama except the ones I mentioned, it’s just that I felt something was missing. On the other hand, the cast was phenomenal and did an outstanding job of executing their character. As I earlier said, I do not like the past syndrome thingy but I could have forgiven that if there was an emotional reunion. I mean, why didn’t that happen!! Anyway, the ending was quite fun and I enjoyed how everything was wrapped up.

(Again, do not hit this smol child.)

Recommend it?


Sooo guys, have you watched these yet? Which one is your favourite?? Is it on your to-watch list??

K-Drama Review: It’s Okay, That’s Love // My first Hiatus announcement!

I’ll be going on a (short) Hiatus!

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I’ve never gone so long without posting anything on my blog. This will be my first hiatus in almost 3 years. I’ll just take a moment to sink that in… I still can’t believe I’ll complete 3 years of blogging this March! Yooohooo!

Anyway, I’ll just be taking a short break for this month due to my exams. I have only 2-3 scheduled posts for January and hopefully, they’ll go up in time. I’ll be in back in February with my usual posting and stuff. Also, I won’t be able to hop onto other blogs and comment as much as I would love to, I know when I’ll open my email, there will definitely will be more than 5k bookish emails/notifications to check. But I wiiiiiill! So… uh, don’t think I just forgot you guys.

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Show Name: It’s Okay, That’s Love
Episodes: 16
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Director: Kim Kyu-Tae
Cast: Zo In-Sung, Kong Hyo-Jin, Sung Dong-Il, Lee Kwang-Soo, Do Kyung-Soo, Yang Ik-June, etc.
My Rating:


Jang Jae Yeol is a famous mystery novelist and popular radio DJ with a prickly personality. After meeting psychiatrist Ji Hae Soo when they both serve on a talk show panel delving into the criminal mind, they instantly rub each other the wrong way. But when Jae Yeol’s girlfriend plagiarizes his work, forcing him to lie low until the media storm blows over and he can prove his innocence, he unexpectedly becomes Hae Soo’s roommate. Jae Yeol moves into a home that he owns that is being rented by Hae Soo; Jo Dong Min, another psychiatrist and Hae Soo’s senior colleague; and Park Soo Kwang, a young man with Tourette syndrome. As Jae Yeol and Hae Soo’s personalities clash, they help each other heal from their own deep-rooted emotional scars.

I just started this drama on a whim and I didn’t expect it to be this good. Jang Jae-Yeol (Zo In-Sung) is a mystery writer who meets Ji Hae-Soo (Kong Hyo-Jin), a psychiatrist on a talk show and they don’t kick off with a good start. Jang Jae-Yeol tries to talk to her but Ji Hae-Soo avoids him at all cost but when he unexpectedly becomes her roommate (who she shares with two other people), they are both forced to face each other. Slowly and steadily they start to fall for each other but when Jang Jae-Yeol’s past comes back to haunt him, their lives turn upside down.

First of all, dude that was one holy hell of a twist!!! The plot slowly eases us into the twist but it’s set up in a way that the audience can realise it first before the characters! Although I could see it coming, the anticipation killed me! And when it finally happened! Gosh!! My goodness! You have to see it for yourself to see what I am talking about. The whole game changed. I thought it’s was just a hate to love kind of drama but nooooope, it just went totally in other direction and blew my mind. Though I wish the pace was a little faster, it would have made things more compact.

Yeah, I know. I straight dived into the plot twist with discussing the plot first but I had to let it out!

So, the plot is pretty interesting. Both the characters are mature (well most of the time) but they both challenged each other and both of them couldn’t deny the chemistry between them, so it was quite a surprise when they decided to give their relationship a try. I enjoyed both the dynamics of the character. I can’t divulge more about the characters because it’s linked to the plot twist. But they were both stubborn and perfect for each other. I loved the romance between them, it was sooo sweet. And they both helped each other to heal the scars of the past they had been carrying their whole life.

Jang Jae-Beom (Yang Ik-June) who is Jang Jae-Yeol’s brother is rotting in jail due to killing his father which he pleads not guilty to. His character brought a different side to the drama which nicely wrapped up with the plot but his scenes were a bit boring. But Jang Jae-Yeol’s relationship with Han Gang-Woo (Do Kyung-Soo) was the most interesting one!

I definitely enjoyed how things were executed and there were some parts that surprised me other than the plot twist. Overall, I really enjoyed the acting and everything seemed so real, I couldn’t help but root for them!

Recommend it?


So guys, have you watched this show? Do you watch K-Dramas or are you interested in watching?