Review: Nocturne by Heather McKenzie || Slightly Bland and Repetitive

Title: Nocturne
Author: Heather McKenzie
Series: The Nightmusic Trilogy, book 2
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense, [Young-Adult]
Heat Rating: Slightly warm
Page Count and Format: 415 pages, Ebook
Expected Publication: March 20th, 2018 by Clean Teen Publishing
Source: I received an eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
My Rating:

Blurb (from Goodreads):

I am hunted.
A pawn in a vicious game.
The only way I can protect the ones I love…
…is to disappear.

Finally free of her father, Kaya has the one thing that keeps her heart beating—Luke.

Blissfully content in his arms, everything seems perfect…until their world is shattered by a deadly invasion. When an old ally comes to the rescue, Kaya wants none of it. She is devastated to learn the identity of her attacker, and that she must do something truly heartbreaking if she wants to save the ones she loves. Sacrificing everything and sinking into bottomless sorrow, Kaya finds solace in an unlikely friend—one who shows her a different kind of love and helps her discover an inner strength she never thought possible.

The first book in this trilogy, Serenade was a pretty awesome and engaging read. Compared to that, the 2nd book felt slightly bland and repetitive. But I have to say one thing, the covers of this trilogy are really unique and beautiful!

Kaya is still on the run from her father who is only after her fortune. After an incident, she truly understands that she poses a threat to anyone near her, so she decides to bail alone. But surrounded by enemies on all sides, will she be able to hide or will she be betrayed?

A lot of stuff happened in the first book, Kaya learned the truth about herself and why she was held captive by her father and why he is after her. She ends up getting kidnapped by Luke but along the way ends up falling for her captor. I felt this book was more of a kind of filler because other than the introduction of few new characters, this book only contained running and hiding and it was devoid of any interesting surprises. But seriously, Kaya definitely has the most shittest parents in the whole universe!

One of the things that surprised me was, I actually started liking Oliver. His actions disgusted me in book 1 but after knowing the real reason behind it, he slowly started warming up to me. But… but I felt Kaya’s character was a kind of irritating this book! And on top of that, Thomas. What even!! She miraculously gets rescued after bailing on Luke and ends on a farm where she manages to get a job there and ultimately one of the guys there fall for her. Why is that everybody end up falling in love with the main heroine? I would have rather enjoyed it more if it was a purely platonic relationship. It would definitely have been more meaningful.

On the other hand, one of the new characters Marlene was absolutely my favourite. Born with a hideous birthmark on her face, she mostly stays away from crowds but a beautiful bond develops between her and Kaya. I loved the fact that Kaya stood up for her on more than one occasion! But the most awesome thing about this book was the bromance between Luke and Oliver! I didn’t even guess that anything slightly normal was possible between these two because they were always at each other’s throats. This was definitely a delightful surprise.

Overall, Nocturn was an okay read. The plot felt a little repetitive and this book could have been a little less lengthy in my opinion. The action and stuff were there but I wanted more of it but nonetheless, I enjoyed those particular parts.But the way things ended, I am definitely interested to know what happens next to our characters!

Recommend it?


So guys, what do you think about this book? Is it on your tbr?

Review: The Celeritas Files by Ishan Majumder || Edgy yet not riveting enough

Title: The Celeritas Files
Author: Ishan Majumder
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, [Adult]
Page Count and Format: 324 pages, Paperback
Published: 5th October 2017 by Notion Press
Source: I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
My Rating:

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Imagine you have created the most revolutionary technology of the decade… and someone’s greed for it becomes the cause of your best friend’s cold-blooded murder and your son’s kidnapping.
Experience the story of Shaina Desai, who finds herself in the middle of a sinister plot to steal her prized invention, which happens to be the principal subject of valuation for a multi-million dollar cross-border investment in what could be termed as one of the most brutal attempts at intellectual property theft in the history of corporate India.

Will she be forced to give up her dream to save her son’s life? Or will she lose him to the ruthless kidnappers?

A tale of professional pride and the heart-breaking choices forced upon the individual, of love and betrayal, and the dark games ruthlessly played in the corporate world, under the veneer of professional ethics…

First of all, here’s a video trailer, so gooo and watch it here!

Shaina Desai and her team of scientists have managed to do the impossible in the field of technology but soon her future is threatened due to this very reason. Her best friend gets murdered in front of her and son gets kidnapped on the same day. The kidnapper only wants one thing, her invention, a.k.a the Celeritas Files in exchange for her son’s life. Will she be able to give away her life’s most precious work or will she end up losing her son?

The plot of this book was definitely addicting to keep me glued to the pages. It revolves around a group of friends who are also colleagues, Ravi, Shaina, Nandini and Amaan all work under the Bliksem Technologies, among them Amaan has joined the team recently. Shaina’s life turns down on Christmas when Ravi gets shot and her son Rajiv gets kidnapped when they are about to return home after a little bit of celebration. One of the things I didn’t enjoy much about the book was the amount of info-dumping in the beginning, I would have liked it better if it came in slow pieces as the book proceeded.

Anyway, I enjoyed how the suspense was handled throughout the book. The characters were also complex and layered which was a bonus, especially Amaan. Shaina poured her life’s work into creating the Celeritas Files but when it’s her son’s life on the line, she didn’t hesitate one bit to decide what to do. Other than Shaina, this book also revolved around Sivakumar, the owner of Bliksem Technologies, all he wanted was some recognition and he I really felt bad for that guy. The sudden romance between Amaan and Shaina simply felt weird to me and although I liked Amaan, there was something different about the guy from the beginning. I couldn’t even imagine how sinister the plot twist was! Although I kind of guessed who the culprit was but when it’s finally revealed, I still felt disgusted.

Overall, The Celeritas Files was an interesting read. The plot was executed neatly and the ending was definitely shocking, though I hoped for a little bit more but everything was portrayed realistically, I can absolutely see that happening in the real world. Anyway, I enjoyed the mystery and the writing was smooth and the pace was even throughout the book.

Recommend it?


So guys, what do you think about this book? Is it something you want to read?

TV Show Review: Eyewitness || Diverse characters who made my heart leap out with happiness!

Show Name: Eyewitness
Episodes: 10 (Only 1 season)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mystery, Suspense, [Young-Adult]
Heat Rating: Slightly warm
Trigger Warning: Cheating (kind of…)
Creator: Adi Hasak
Cast: Julianne Nicholson, Tyler Young, James Paxton, Warren Christie
My Rating: 


Teenager Lukas Hallenbeck seemingly has it all — popularity, motocross stardom and an attractive girlfriend — but deep down is conflicted about his sexuality. Those feelings begin to come to the surface when he meets Philip, a classmate with whom he starts a relationship that the boys try to keep secret. Things get more complicated when the teens witness a murder and fear that they will be found by the person who committed the crime. While they stay silent about what they saw, they realize that it can never be unseen and the traumatic event has changed their lives forever. As he is potentially being hunted by the killer, Lukas worries that his secret will be revealed, he will be outed, and he will lose everything. “Eyewitness” is an adaptation of a Norwegian crime thriller.

Oh my gosh! This show was sooo freaking goood. I’m still not over it!! I sometimes get lost in YouTube. The other day I was watching a lot of video mash up on YouTube, I think I was probably watching a SKAM video when I stumbled upon a “Philkas” video and damn after watching it, I was hooked and I needed to watch it asap, I ended up binge watching all the 10 episodes in a day!

When Lukas and Philip witness a triple homicide in Lukas’s father’s cabin, they decide to keep their mouth shut so that nobody would know they were together. Whereas Philip wants to be with Lukas, Lukas is struggling with coming to terms with his sexuality. One lie leads to a chaos of incidents but the killer is still out there and he is hell bent on leaving no clue behind and that includes the duo.

The plot was seriously awesome! Lukas and Philip were hanging out in their father’s cabin where they first realise they were attracted towards each other. The first kiss was awkward but haaaawt! But they were (rudely!) interrupted when a car shows up thinking it’s Lukas’s dad but then they become the sole witnesses of a triple homicide. They somehow manage to escape but the actual murderer goes free too. Along with Lukas and Philip, the audience knows who the actual villain is but the rest of the people in the show are unaware of the fact and it was a wild goose chase. The mysterious aspect was maintained so well and there were plenty of nail-biting moments which kept me glued to the screen.

Lukas (the blonde guy) was afraid to tell the truth because he thought if he came out in front of everybody, nobody would accept him anymore and Philip agrees reluctantly. And that one lie causes a mayhem! Pretty much. I sometimes hated Lukas because to cover up one lie, he lied more and more and even blamed Philip but after that once incident, it melted my heart because he couldn’t stay away from Philip!! The chemistry between them was so freaking gooood!! And I absolutely adored them together, the romance was off the charts dude!! Although Lukas already had a girlfriend, he did kiss Philip before breaking up with her but it didn’t bother me much because Rose and Lukas didn’t have an actual thing and even Rose acknowledged that.

The were various other sub plots which merged with original plot line in a fantastic way. We have Helen who is an ex-FBI agent with a dark past of her own and who is now Philip’s foster mom. We’ve also got the FBI team who’s working to bust a drug lord where Kamilah is a working officer and her sister is somehow involved in this and she’s trying her very best to get her and her baby out of this mess. Every single thing was linked to the other and I loved how they were tied together in the end. The villain was seriously villainous! (Sorry for the lack of word! XD) He was in plain sight but nobody knew he was the actual guy!! It made everything more suspenseful! Anyway, not only was he a creep but also a paedophile and my heart was in my chest every time he made a move!

Anyway, I couldn’t get enough of Lukas and Philip. I loooved Philip so much. I think he was so smitten by Lukas that he basically agreed to whatever he said (I only hated one particular incident!!), though he did try to convince him to tell the truth about murders but seeing him uncomfortable, he decided to keep his promise. But as much as Lucas tried to convince himself he was not gay, it was him who initiated the kiss most of the time. And omg… they were pretty good kisses guys!! So good! This show seriously made me so giddy with joy. Lukas and Philip made me so happy. I ship Philkas soooo bad! I also loved how they emphasised on consent before taking a step forward in their relationship. When Lukas is attacked by the villain and goes to coma, and Philip is like trying to bring him back by taking about the stuff they used to do together, that scene was seriously heartbreaking. And I was sooo freaking happy, out of the world happy when they decided not to hide anymore! (Is it even healthy to be so happy over fictional characters because I feel it’s still not enough… XD)

Overall, Eyewitness was a fantastic watch! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have watched all the 10 episodes in a single freaking day! I don’t know why it was cancelled, I would have loved to see more of them together and how their life finally moves forward, together. Nonetheless, the plot was executed in a neat way and all the loose ends were tied in the end. I was pretty much satisfied with the ending but I wanted moooore!!! How could I not? The cast was amazing, the acting was amazing, pretty much everything was amazing, especially the romance between Philip and Lukas! I have a feeling I’ll be rewatching this show numerous times in the future.

Recommend it?


So guys, have any of you watched this show yet? Do you want to? Oh and has anybody seen SKAM?? Because I loooove Even and Isak!!

Oh and do you guys have any great LGBTQ tv show/movie recs and also books, where the characters don’t die in the end? I would love some recommendations!

Review: Serenade by Heather McKenzie || Where I fell in love with the captor

Title: Serenade
Author: Heather McKenzie
Series: The Nightmusic Trilogy, book 1
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense, [Young-Adult]
Heat Rating: Cool
Page Count and Format: 438 pages, Ebook
Expected Publication: April 17th, 2017 by Clean Teen Publishing
Source: I received an eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
My Rating:


Blurb (from Goodreads):

Kidnapped and held hostage in the Rockies, a teenage heiress falls for her abductor while her corrupt father and devoted bodyguard fight to get her back. The discovery of true love and dark family secrets turns deadly in this epic coming of age adventure.

Kaya Lowen dreams of living like a normal eighteen-year old, but being heiress to a billion-dollar company has put her life in constant danger. Fiercely guarded by her powerful and corrupt father, she develops close bonds with those who protect her, especially Oliver a bodyguard who has proven his devotion to her time and again. He wins her heart – until a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger has her questioning everything she believes in.

Haunted by true love and reeling from a guilty conscience, Kaya’s world unravels when she’s kidnapped. Held captive in a rugged wilderness fraught with raging storms, mystical caves and deadly predators, Kaya’s father scours the forest and her bodyguard fights to get her back. But, the discovery of a dark family secret makes Kaya wonder if staying in the arms of her blue-eyed abductor, a captivating stranger with dark secrets of his own, is a safer place to be. At least, that’s what her heart is telling her, her head is saying run…

An epic adventure centered on a smoldering love-triangle, Serenade sings a timeless tale of courage, self-discovery, and life-or-death love that will leave you breathless.

This book really took me on for a ride. So many things happened in this book and I enjoyed it very much.

Kaya desperately wants to live a normal life which is impossible as she is the sole heiress of a billion dollar company. Her father doesn’t give her the time of the day and she is left in the company of her bodyguard and other security officers who in due time has become her only friends. But when she gets kidnapped she comes face to face with a whole new reality she didn’t even think of. Now, it’s up to Kaya to decide if she wants to go back into that prison of a house or finally start listening to her heart.

The plot was pretty interesting and it kept me engaged throughout the book. Kaya’s life is a lot like Rapunzel. She is not allowed to go anywhere outside the premise marked by her father and guards accompany her 24/7. I liked Kaya from the very beginning, she was smart and caring and just craved for a normal life. And with only a few people in her life, she has grown close to the guards, especially Stephen and Oliver. Stephen was more a father to her than a guard and I really loved him. But Oliver… eh, not so much. I didn’t like him much and as the book proceeded, my dislike for him grew more and more. He definitely cared for Kaya but in a weird twisted way, it seemed like he thought he owned her after she agreed to his proposal of marriage.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed how the plot was executed. After Kaya gets kidnapped, things take a different turn. We are introduced to three more people- Luke, Seth, and Reagan. I didn’t know what to think of them at first but slowly they warmed up to my heart. I liked Luke, a lot and it was pretty obvious that he and Kaya had chemistry. The only thing that I didn’t enjoy much in the whole book was the insta-love. I just wished their relationship was more explored because there was plenty of scope for it.

I was glad to see how Kaya handled everything in a mature way and I really loved Luke when he decided to stand by her with whatever decision she took. The plot twist was really, really good. I didn’t expect that to happen. There were so many secrets that Kaya’s father kept to himself and oh my gosh, I hated him so much. And that revelation at the end was mind-blowing, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Overall. Serenade was a great read. The plot was executed neatly and I enjoyed the characters. The insta-love was the only thing that I disliked in this book but I did love Kaya and Luke together. The writing was beautiful and smooth and the pace was even throughout the book. There was not a single dull moment in this book and I will be waiting eagerly for the next one in this series!

Recommend it?


So guys, what do you think about this book? Is it already in your tbr?

Review: The Masterpiecers by Olivia Wildenstein

Title: The Masterpiecers

Author: Olivia Wildenstein

Series: Masterful series, book 1

Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, [Young-Adult]

Heat Rating: Cool

Page Count and Format: 248 pages, Ebook

Published: April 15th 2016

Source: I received a digital copy of this book from YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: PicsArt_1444558587481

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Nineteen-year-old Ivy Redd’s talent with a needle and thread has earned her a spot on a coveted reality TV art competition set in New York’s Metropolitan Museum. The prize: a significant amount of money and instant acceptance into the Masterpiecers, the school that ensures new artists fame and fortune. Her talent has also thrust her and her twin sister, Aster, into the spotlight.

Not that Aster needed help with becoming a media favorite. She managed that on her own by running over a wanted mobster. She told the police it was self-defense, because she couldn’t tell them the truth—the truth would make her sister look bad.

Locked in an Indiana jail to await her trial, Aster watches Ivy on the small TV hanging in the dayroom. It’s the highlight of her day, until she finds out what her sister truly thinks of her. Then, observing her sister becomes a punishment far crueler than imprisonment.


This book was very, veeery different from anything I’ve ever read, it was pretty interesting and suspenseful. The blurb and that cover was what drew me in, in the first place and I have to say I definitely enjoyed this ride!

Ivy and Aster are twin sisters. While Ivy has been selected for the famous reality tv show “The Masterpiecers”, Aster is rotting in jail, facing murder charges against her. Aster has full faith in Ivy that she is going to bail her out as soon as the show’s over but after she learns the truth about what her sister actually thinks of her makes her loose all hope. But something else, something far more mysterious is going on as well which is connected to both the sisters, Aster can’t exactly pinpoint the fact but when she does, will it already be too late to save Ivy?

This was something totally new and different. The Masterpiecers is narrated in dual POVs of both the sisters which make us aware what both of them are going through and what they think of one another. Aster and Ivy despite being sisters are totally different from each other. Honestly, I think I liked Aster more than Ivy. Nonetheless the whole story was mysteriously woven which kept the plot very intriguing. The main mystery was around the murder that Aster committed although she claimed it was self-defense but there’s more to it. I couldn’t stop reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen next although I do agree it could have been a bit more shorter, I felt the story stretched a bit in the middle which bored me a little.

The characters were one of the most interesting aspect in this story. You want to trust the characters but you don’t know if you can. The mystery is revealed a bit towards the end of the story but I don’t that’s all because the ending definitely indicated that something far more large was coming their way. Nonetheless both Ivy and Aster were both unique characters and I enjoyed reading both their POVs. The setting was pretty realistic as well. All the other characters were pretty different and memorable as well.

Overall, The Masterpiecers was an interesting read. The plot kept me intrigued from the beginning and the characters were interesting as well. The aspect of the reality show and how it was woven with the story was pretty new and interesting as well. The writing was smooth and although the pace slightly differed throughout the story. I can’t wait to know what happens next!

Recommend it?


So guys have you read this book yet or are you interested to? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts with me!

Review: The Girl I Used to Be by April Henry || Blog Tour + Giveaway!


Welcome to my tour stop of The Girl I Used to Be by April Henry hosted by Fantastic Flying Book Club. You can view the full tour schedule here.

Title: The Girl I Used to Be

Author: April Henry


Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, [Young-Adult]

Heat Rating: Cool

Page Count and Format: 240 pages, Ebook

Published: May 3rd 2016 by Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

Source: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for this book tour in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: PicsArt_1444558511051

Blurb (from Goodreads):

When Olivia’s mother was killed, everyone suspected her father of murder. But his whereabouts remained a mystery. Fast forward fourteen years. New evidence now proves Olivia’s father was actually murdered on the same fateful day her mother died. That means there’s a killer still at large. It’s up to Olivia to uncover who that may be. But can she do that before the killer tracks her down first?


I definitely liked reading The Girl I Used to Be. I hadn’t read the mystery/thriller genre for some time now and I’m glad I read this book because I enjoyed the ride!

Olivia had lost her mother as a kid. According to the police, her father had killed her mother and ran away. But after fourteen years, new evidence point to the fact that her father was killed on the same day. Now, Olivia wants justice for her parents being taken away from her in such a young age. With a new identity, she returns to her old town. Will she be able to identity the killer before the killer identifies her?

The plot was quite suspenseful. Olivia was waiting for the police to catch her dad but what she learned was quite shocking- her father had been dead all along. Both her parents had been killed on the same fateful day. Olivia decides that she wants to find the killer, so she returns to her old town where she lived with her grandmother for a few years after her parents died. The plot managed to hold my attention from the very first page. I liked how everything flowed out.

Olivia was a nice character. She was strong yet caring and determined to find her parent’s killer. I liked the other characters as well, they all played an important role in the book. But I could never guess who the actual killer was, I definitely liked how it was all revealed, though I was expecting some major ploy behind the murders, nonetheless I was satisfied.

Overall, The Girl I Used to Be was a nice read. The plot was engaging and it managed to hold my attention throughout the book. The writing was simple and smooth and the pace was even throughout the book.

Recommend it?


Author Bio:

AprilI write mysteries and thrillers. I live in Portland, Oregon with my family.

If you’ve read one of my books, I would love to hear from you. Hearing from readers makes me eager to keep writing.

When I was 12, I sent a short story about a six-foot tall frog who loved peanut butter to Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He liked it so much he arranged to have it published in an international children’s magazine.

My dream of writing went dormant until I was in my 30s, working at a corporate job, and started writing books on the side. Those first few years are now thankfully a blur. Now I’m very lucky to make a living doing what I love. I have written 13 novels for adults and teens, with more on the way. My books have gotten starred reviews, been picked for Booksense, translated into six languages, been named to state reading lists, and short-listed for the Oregon Book Award.

I also review YA literature and mysteries and thrillers for the Oregonian, and have written articles for both The Writer and Writers Digest.

Author Links:

Website || Goodreads || Twitter || Facebook

Purchase Links:

Amazon paperback || B&N || Bookdepository || iTunes || Kobo


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Review: Holding Court by K.C. Held

Title: Holding Court

Author: K.C. Held


Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mystery, Suspense, [Young-Adult]

Heat Rating: Cool

Page Count and Format: 352 pages, Ebook

Published: March 1st 2016 by Entangled Teen

Source: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: PicsArt_1444558321867

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Sixteen-year-old Jules Verity knows exactly what’s in store at her new job at castle-turned-dinner-theater Tudor Times. Some extra cash, wearing a fancy-pants dress, and plenty of time to secretly drool over the ever-so-tasty- and completely unavailable- Grayson Chandler. Except that it’s not quite what she imagined.

For one, the costume Jules has to wear is awful. Then there’s the dead body she finds that just kind of… well, disappears. Oh, and there’s the small issue of Jules and her episodes of what her best friend calls “Psychic Tourette’s Syndrome”- spontaneous and uncontrollable outbursts of seemingly absurd prophecies.

The only bright side? This whole dead body thing seems to have gotten Grayson’s attention. Except that the more Jules investigates, the more she discovers that Grayson’s interest might not be as courtly as she thought. In fact, it’s starting to look suspicious…


If I have to describe this bool in one word, it would be EPIC! Because it was absolutely was! This book was the perfect combination of mystery, romance and hilarity. This book is definitely among my top favourites of 2016!

Jules Verity suffers from “Psychic Tourette’s Syndrome” – where she blurts out prophecies at the most awkward timing and she can’t seem to decipher it’s meaning at all. Meanwhile, her best friend signs her up for a job in a castle-turned-dinner-theater known as Tudor Times where Jules’ unattainable crush Grayson works as well, therefore she reluctantly agrees to go. But things turn upside down for her when she discovers a dead body in a secret passageway which seems to dissappear when she calls the authority. Will she be able to prove her sanity or will the killer escape free?

The plot was unique and refreshing. Jules reluctantly agrees to work at Tudor Times where, ironically she has to dress up as the mad Maid of Kent and utter a few prophesies infront of the audience. That doesn’t seem to be a problem because she’s already blessed or rather cursed with that power which she calls the blurting problem. Now, this aspect was absolutely hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole book, well except the last portion where things became a bit tight. It was especially funny because the prophecies seemed weird and comical but it had an inner meaning to it which were finally revealed during the last portion.

I absolutely adored the characters. Jules was a fantastic character, I loved her sense of humour and well, basically loved her. She was sweet, a bit insecure and naive but overall a great character. I absolutely loved Cami, Jules’ best friend. She was freaking awsome and I loved how she believed in her and pushed her to do what she was actually capable of. The family aspect was a major bonus because Jules’ grandmother was freaking awsome, oh how I adored her and I loved her mother as well, she was sweet, loving and caring.

There were a few other minor characters as well who played an equally important role in this book as well. Now, Grayson! I didn’t know what to think about him at first but then I slowly started falling for him and when I actually learned the whole truth- my god! He was a seriously such great guy! The romance did not overrule the mysterious aspect which was actually the main factor and it was perfectly executed. I didn’t even think about that person who could be responsible for it! That was an awsome plot twist! Nonetheless, coming back to the romance, the ending was adorably cute and mushily (is that even a word?) perfect! I felt absolutely satisfied after reading this book.

Overall, Holding Court was a freaking fantastic read which I enjoyed reading sooo much. This was really a great debut! The plot was unique and neatly executed. I fell in love with the characters and I absolutely adored them to bits! The romance was soo cute and the mystery was perfectly maintained throughout the book. The writing was beautiful and laced with humour and the pace was fast throughout the book. I’m definitely going to be looking forward to read more books by this author in the future.

Recommend it?

Absolutely yes! Like leave everything right now and read this awsome thing!!

Sooo, how many of you are excited to read this book? Is it already in your tbr or are you planning to read it quite soon? What intrigued you the most about this book? Share your thoughts with me!

Review: Informant by Ava Archer Payne

Author: Ava Archer Payne

Tittle: Informant


Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense, [New-Adult]

Heat Rating: Warm

Page Count and Format: 265 pages, Ebook

Published: July 10th 2015 by AAP Publishing

Source: I received a digital copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: PicsArt_1444558511051

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Money I’m Kylie Porter, a nineteen-year-old biology major at San Francisco State. I’m a part-time waitress and a straight A student. I’m also an informant the DEA hired to infiltrate the Cuban mob.

Drugs Specifically, I’m being paid to seduce Ricco Diaz, the sexy son of a sociopathic drug lord.

Sex And Beckett—the smoldering hot undercover DEA agent who lured me into helping him trap Diaz? I never meant to fall in love with him.

Betrayal And I definitely didn’t mean to hurt him… I just didn’t have a choice.


This book was really, really good! I didn’t expect this much but I’m glad it was. The suspense, romance and action created a perfect combination of an awsome book.

The story revolves around the life of Kylie Porter who’s only a student and works as a part time waitress. But she desperately needs money, mainly to support her sister. And when the handsome blue eyed guy, Beckett offers her a ton of money to become an informant to overthrow Ricco Diaz and his father’s drug business, she reluctantly agrees. But things don’t turn out to be that simple- doing the job and taking the money. She finds herself falling for Beckett. But when the situation worsens would they be able to come out of it unscathed? Or would their story finish before it even started?

I haven’t read many romantic suspense novels before but this was really good. The plot was filled with action, steamy romance and a good amount of suspense which kept me on the edge throughout the book. Beckett lures Kylie into this job because he knew she wouldn’t be able to deny the money she desperately needed. But the whole DEA team kept an important information from her and I absolutely loved how she used it against them. The plot moved pretty smoothly and kept me guessing of what was going to happen next.

I liked Kylie’s character, she’s a smart, sassy and strong woman. I loved how she handled every situation and listened to her heart. That plot twist was amazing. I couldn’t understand what the hell was happening but when I did…omg it was awsome! Beckett was the clichéd handsome blue eyed guy but I actually liked his character. He had a personal motif as well to kill Miguel Diaz and stop his drug business. They both made a pretty awsome team. I loved their sizzling chemistry and the romance built up slowly and perfectly. The ending was pretty different and I absolutely loved it.

Overall, Informant was an awsome read with a great plot which was neatly executed and the characters were pretty sassy and awsome as well. The suspense was well maintained and the writing was smooth and easy to read and the pace was fast throughout the book. I didn’t feel bored for even a second while reading this book, it was throughly engaging and an entertaining read.

Recommend it?


So guys, have you read this romantic suspense yet? Or do you want to? Share your thoughts with me!

Review: Saven Deception by Siobhan Davis

Author: Siobhan Davis

Tittle: Saven Deception

Series: The Saven series, book 1

Genre: Dystopia, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, [Young-Adult]

Heat Rating: Cool

Page Count and Format: 381 pages, Ebook

Expected Publication: December 15th 2015 by Siobhan Davis

Source: I received an eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: PicsArt_1444558321867

Blurb (from Goodreads):

I’ve fallen hard for an alien, but he’s harboring secrets.
Massive ones that threaten the very essence of humanity.
How can I give him my heart when his race plans on taking my future?

Sadie Owens has been slowly dying inside. Bit by bit, piece by piece, day by day. Trapped in a life she hates, she relies on only one person- herself.

Despised by her family and betrayed by an unscrupulous government, Sadie dreams of a different life. When she is chosen to participate in the government’s new social experiment, she is ecstatic at the prospect of spending six months in Thalassic City, the shiny new city under the sea.

Immediately drawn to Logan Chandler, Sadie is captivated by the beautiful boy with the ocean-blue eyes. Logan seems to embody everything that has been forbidden, but he isn’t all he appears to be.

Confused over Logan’s true intentions and concerned when best friend Jenna starts transforming in front of her eyes, Sadie partners with newcomer Jarod in a bid to uncover the government’s real agenda. The truth is more shocking than anything she could ever have imagined.

When Sadie finally understands why the Saven walk among us, will it be too late to save her heart and the human race?


This book was simply awsome! I absolutely loved it, it is indeed a great start to a series. The concept was fresh and interesting laced with suspense throughout the book and the characters were pretty great as well which made an awsome combination. It was really an interesting and addictive read.

In the futuristic dystopian world, the world is divided into three distinct class- the stars who are the poor people, coins, the middle and the bullions, the upper class or the rich people. Sadie belongs to the lower class and they are deprived of almost everything, even the right to fall in love and marry. She longs to go away from her home where nobody cares for her and when she gets a chance to participate in one of the government projects, she snatches the opportunity. There she meets Logan Chandler and they seem to form an instant connection and they have a hard time staying away from each other. But things are not actually what they look like and when Sadie discovers the ultimate truth, it blows her mind. Will she accept the truth even when it threatens the whole of humanity?

I haven’t read much books about alien invasion or aliens and humans coexisting, so this was definitely new and interesting to me. The plot was handled really well. The book is entirely told in Sadie’s POV, i.e. the main protagonist. She wanted an out from her everyday life and when she gets the chance she is ecstatic. The project that Sadie participated in consisted that they live in Thalassic City, an underwater world build due to overpopulation to see how everybody could adapt to the changes before people actually came to live here. The world building was superb, we are slowly introduced to the new world and every single thing was explained in great details which I absolutely loved.

Sadie was a great character, I liked her from the very first. She didn’t receive any love at her home and that’s why she desperately wanted to get out. When she arrives in Thalassic City she makes quite a few good friends but Logan is the one whom she can’t stay away from. The chemistry between them is crackling and the romance between them is just perfect. I felt entirely satisfied with it. Logan was a swoony character. Though he had a hot and a cold attitude but I could totally understand where that was coming from. Apart from that he was really sweet and caring and a great Will Smith fan! The connection between Logan and Sadie was instant but their relationship evolved slowly and steady and I totally enjoyed the banters and the angst between them. Yayiee for no love triangle!

The plot twist was really great. I couldn’t believe at first when I read that. The actual reason behind the government experiment was to see that if aliens could live among the humans without getting detected in exchange for human resources and in return the aliens wanted something which was rather disturbing. Now, it’s a no brainer and it’s already revealed in the blurb that Logan is an alien, in fact he’s an alien royalty. But he’s different from the others along with Neve and Haydn. They actually want to make a difference but they have no clue how to. I liked the secondary characters as well, specially Neve. But Dante seriously gave me creeps and I hated him so much! I liked Jenna as well but well what happened with her was really unfortunate. A lot of questions remained though, specially about the rebel group, I’m really exited to know more about them.

Overall, Saven Deception was a freaking awsome read! The plot was executed really well and I fell in love with the characters. Each of them had a unique and distinct personality. The writing style was smooth and beautiful and it was fast paced which I really enjoyed. The world building was fantastic and the romance between Logan and Sadie felt amazingly perfect to me. And yep, Siobhan Davis is the queen of cliffhangers! This book ends in a somewhat peaceful note but not without a major cliffhanger. I’m dying to know what happens next!

Recommend it?


So guys how many of you are interested in reading this new book that was a fantastic start to a series? Is it already in your tbr? Have you read The True Calling trilogy by this author yet? If yes how was your experience? Share your thoughts with me!

Review: Scrubs by Brooke Harris

Author: Brooke Harris

Tittle: Scrubs

Series: Scrubs, book 1

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense, [New-Adult]

Heat Rating: Warm

Page Count and Format: 112 pages, Ebook

Published: December 4th, 2015

Source: I received an eARC of this book Xpresso Book Tours via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: PicsArt_1444558321867

Blurb (from Goodreads):

I like fast cars and a stiff drink.
I hate drugs. I can’t stand the idiots who take them and I loathe the bastards who supply them. Drugs cost me my whole world.
I wear many faces; right now I’m Doctor Lucas Callaghan and I’ll be him until I get my revenge.
My real name will be the last words to ever pass their lips.

I hate my name, Aoife Brennan, as soon as people hear it they treat me differently because of my father.
Medical school isn’t my dream, it’s his. But, it’s the least I owe him after everything I’ve done. I’m trying to be a good girl, but even good girls make mistakes.

He’s lying about who he is, she’s kidding herself about who she can be. They’re polar opposites with one very big secret in common.

[Please note: SCRUBS is a novella serial. Part One ends on a cliffhanger. 18+ adult content and language.]


Have you people seen the delicious cover? I tried to resist okay. But in the end the temptation won over! 😛 So, Scrubs is actually a novella where the story will be be revealed in a few parts. It’s full of suspense with a set of great character which made it a pretty fun read.

Lucas is working undercover to catch one of the biggest drugs mafia who is also responsible for the death of his fiancé eight years ago who died because of an overdose. He returns to his hometown with a new identity to take revenge. There he meets Aoife, a student in the hospital where he starts working. Their chemistry is undeniable. Lucas knows he should focus only on his work but he’s unable to stay away from her. But can they really be together when so much is at stake?

I really enjoyed the plot, it was fast paced and laced with suspense throughout the book. Lucas is not his real name but he took that name for this mission. He has only one motto, to take revenge for his fiancé death whom he loved very much. Not much is given away in this book, I guess we’ll learn more as we proceed in this series. But despite this fact, the author managed to portray the characters and the storyline well enough. I liked Aoife’s character. She’s smart and sassy. Yet she doesn’t have much freedom about her choice. She’s forced to study to become a doctor because of her father when clearly her heart belongs to art just like her mother. There’s a mystery about her mother’s death as well. And I feel it might be connected somehow to Lucas’s case. Well I guess I have to wait for a bit to learn that. Nonetheless, I loved their sizzling chemistry. Lucas hasn’t been with anyone in eight years after his fiancé death and for the first time after meeting Aoife, he begins to feel something. Their relationship (if you can call that) grows steadily and they both bring out a different part of themselves but the question remains, can an actual relationship be possible between them?

Overall, Scrubs was a sexy read and a fantastic start to a series. I throughly enjoyed this book, it was filled with drama and suspense and I couldn’t wait to learn that what was going to happen next. I loved the romance between Lucas and Aoife . The mysterious aspect was well maintained and I can’t wait to read the next installment, specially after how it ended with that cliffhanger!

Recommend it?


So guys, have you read this delicious book yet? Or do you want to? Share your thoughts in the comments!