About Me

The Blogger


Hi there beautiful people!
Welcome to Daydreaming Books.

I’m Poulami, 20 something, freelancer by day, creator by night. Full-time cat mom (My 🐈 is named Biskuit) and book hoarder. Also a huge K-pop fangirl (BTS owns my heart)!

My bookish taste still swirls around fantasy since it is my most favourite genre. Apart from this, I enjoy Science-fiction, contemporary and occasional thrillers. Also being a hopeless romantic, I love a healthy dose of romance!

Some of my favourite authors include Cassandra Clare, Sarah J. Maas and Jay Kristoff.

The Blog

I essentially started this book as a core book blog. I blog about the books I’m reading, have read or want to read. Over the years, I have expanded into reviewing foreign dramas, focusing mostly on focus on K-dramas and C-dramas.

I try to maintain a monthly discussion feature called Daydreaming Discussions, where I talk about a lot of stuff and bookish discussions!

So, stick around for loads of bookish love, ramblings, rantings and much more. Feel free to talk with me or email me anytime, I love making new bookish friends.Β 

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  7. Hola, Poulami! I instantly followed you because it is my first time to see a book blog with kdrama and asian movie reviews! (actually still looking for other blogs who have kdramas and manga reviews.hehe) I instantly gushed that you are a must-follow. I’m watching kdramas too but my upcoming watch will be the only one to be reviewed since I just decided to have a blog last mid-november. I’m happy to came across your blog and will be looking forward to your post.

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  26. Hi Poulami, I did a Beauty and the Beast book tag, and I tagged you because your blog is fantabulous. I would be so happy if you could do it, but if not it’s perfectly fine too. x, mia

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  51. Hi, Poulami!
    I just found your blog and love it so much! We have so many books in common Hiedi, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Never Say Never and so much more!!! ❀
    Also, are you an Indian by any chance? Your name made me ask. I am sorry if that is too intrusive 😦

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  98. Hey Poulami! I’ve missed you girl, we should chat more often! Anyways, just stopped by to let you know I’ve tagged you to do the Book Cover Guessing Challenge. I really hope you do it, but it’s totally fine if you’re not into it. πŸ™‚
    Keep in touch! ❀

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    • Hiiiiiii! *waves maniacally at you*
      Thanks for the tagging me Tasha! And yuuush, I missed you so much, we definitely should talk more, I’ve been so lazy these days but don’t worry I’ll make a better effort from now on! πŸ˜€

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    We were just wondering if you might be interested to be a part of the book bloggers list. We would like to inform you ahead that the questionnaire might be a bit long. We really wanted to bring the connection of the readers and the bloggers a bit more closer, thus, the feature-like questions.

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    If you have friends who might also be interested to be a part of the list, please feel free to have them sign up!

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. ❀

    Club Bookie Team

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    • I’m definitely interested. Sorry for the late reply, this comment somehow ended up in my spam folder. I’ll fill out the form soon.


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    • I love her as well! πŸ™‚
      And yes, I have heard all the songs from her new album, it is simply awsomee. What’s your favourite song in that album?


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