K-Drama Review: Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon || Fun, Swoon-worthy and Mysterious!

Show Name: Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon
Episodes: 16
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Suspense, [Adult]
Director: Lee Hyeong-Min
Cast: Park Bo-Young, Park Hyung-Sik, Ji Soo, Jun Suk-Ho, Lim Won-Hee, Jang Mi-Kwan
My Rating:


Do Bong Soon is a woman with superhuman strength. With her strength, she gets hired as the bodyguard of the spoiled CEO of the gaming company Ainsoft, Ahn Min Hyuk. Min Hyuk is being threatened by an unknown enemy and is determined to solve the problem himself out of his distaste and distrust of the police. In Guk Doo is a policeman and Bong Soon’s crush since childhood. When series of kidnappings occur in Bong Soon’s small, quiet neighbourhood Dobong-dong, their little community is thrown into chaos. Combined with the job of protecting her boss’s life, Bong Soon’s already unusual life has gone wild. However, she must be careful; if she misuses her strength, she could lose it forever.

This was such a cuuuuuute watch!! Absolutely adorable and with a mashup of so many genres, it is a must watch for K-Drama lovers and also for the ones who want to start watching K-Dramas!

Aaaaaand this was also a refreshing change! 😂

Do Bong Soon (Park Bo-Young) has inhuman strength that has been passed to the generation of women in her family. She longs to be a game developer in Ainsoft, a gaming company but instead lands up with the job of a bodyguard for the CEO of the company, a.k.a Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung-Sik) who slowly starts to develop feelings for her. But Guk Doo (Ji Soo), a policeman has been her crush since childhood. A series of kidnapping in Do Bong Soon’s neighbourhood creates terror in the society and when her best friend gets kidnapped, she becomes determined to find her but her power comes with one backdraw, if she misuses it she’ll end up losing it forever.

First of all, the whole cast is hella cute. We have Do Bong Soon who is not so great at academics and combined with her super-human strength, having a normal job becomes an impossibility. Ahn Min Hyuk has been getting threating phone calls to give up his name in his father’s company and when he accidentally discovers Do Bong Soon and sees her in action, he hires her though it takes her a lot of persuasions. The chemistry between these two characters are visible from the start and as much as there is a possibility of a love triangle, it becomes clear from the start who she’ll end up with.

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The relationship between Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk develops slowly and I absolutely adored them together. They were like really damn cute together and the way Min Hyuk’s lost his shit and fanboyed was just too cute to handle! XD

Another fact that I loved about Ahn Min Hyuk that he was not biased. Despite having feelings for Do Bong Soon, he didn’t let her off easily and made her work hard to earn her position as a game developer. I was not a fan of Guk Doo (am now though after watching Sassy Go Go) in this show, he was in school with Do Bong Soon and although somewhere he harboured feelings for her, he realised it a bit too late. He always blamed that the time was not right but you have to make time, right? Time is just not going to come to you like that dude.

Now, the kidnapping aspect was pretty interesting. This guy was obsessed with the story of Blue Beard and somehow he wanted to re-create that. I really loathed that guy and how he tortured the women he kidnapped. The first time he came face to face with Do Bong Soon was quite awesooooome! But then how he planned stuff and executed that took the life out of me. One of the things that happened in the mess was a bit unrealistic and I wished it would have done in a different manner but my heart broke in that scene where Do Bong Soon was helpless and Min Hyuk would not leave her even at the cost of his life. I really enjoyed how the show wrapped up, although not quite at the end. But the action sequences were quite fun to watch!

Overall, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon was an entertaining watch, I enjoyed it very much. The plot was executed well and I loooved the acting.

Recommend it?


So guys, have you watched this show yet? If yes, what are your favourite things about it?

17 thoughts on “K-Drama Review: Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon || Fun, Swoon-worthy and Mysterious!

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    • I didn’t quite Ji Soo in this drama, partly because I was busy rooting for the main lead but after watching Sassy Go Go/ Cheer Up! I think I’m in love. I really want him as the main lead!!!
      Anyway, yes. You have to see this drama till the end, it’s pretty awesome!

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    • I sooo wish I did (I only know a few words) but subtitles are my only hope. I have become so accustomed watching K-Dramas with subtitles, it’s doesn’t affect the watching much. Can’t wait for you to start watching them too! ❤

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