Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2017!

Happy Halloween guys! ❤

Most important update: I finally changed my Blog Link!!

Hey, guys! How are you all doing? My October was okaaaay, I didn’t read much but bookishly it was good. Currently, I’m reading Godsgrave which is just another level of awesomeness!! Have you guys read it yet?

Anyway, onto this months’ bookish news:

Books I’ve read this month:


Seize Today Fate's Keep  


NSFW ec88e-saving-brad 


The Celeritas Files Morning Star

Books I’ve reviewed this month (link to my reviews):

4/5 stars

Thrax by Christina Bauer

Seize Today by Pintip Dunn

NSFW by Piper Lawson

Saving Brad by Siobhan Davis

Fate’s Keep by T. Rae Mitchell

3/5 stars

The Celeritas Files by Ishan Majumder

2/5 stars

The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

Other Stuff:

I also think I’ll add K-Drama Reviews to my feature list because I’m really enjoying writing those reviews. Here are the ones listed that I wrote this month-

K-Drama Reviews:

Life Updates:

October was somewhat okay I guess. I had two big exams which weren’t that great but I had some new experience. Also, my brother came for a few days and we managed to catch up and also watch the movies we had earlier planned to watch together. I finally watched Logan. Unfortunately, it left a bitter taste for both of us. But I did garner the courage to watch IT alone. Hah!! I watched it freaking alone and without skipping. Usually, when it comes to horror movies, I can’t watch it alone, I usually avoid it or end up watching it in 5 minutes by skipping but somehow I was able to watch this one and even enjoy it! Although it was not that horrifying but I definitely enjoyed it.

I only bought one book this month which was Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo. There are a lot of mixed reviews for this book and I’m really excited to find out which category I fall into!! Aaaand, as usual, K-pop and K-Dramas took over my lifeu!!

Lets Chat

So guys, how did October trick-or-treat you? Was it bookishly awesome or just meh? Which book was your favourite this month?

18 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2017!

  1. GAH I LOVE Goblin and W! Actually that is an excellent idea to review W… I haven’t done that one yet and it certainly would convert first time watchers to kdramas! I love that you review so many drams Poulami! You are my go to blogger to check out shows. ♥️ Love now balances you were reading 2/2/2! I need to read more adult… I didn’t realize Red Rising was adult!? That’s on my TBR! Happy reading and watching in November 📺📚💗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awie, I’m sooo glad! 😀
      Red Rising starts off as YA but goes to the Adult genre pretty soon because the series covers a lot of years and all there’s some tough stuff, so that’s the fitting genre I guess.
      Same to you Dani! ❤


  2. 3 thoughts. First your review is excellent as ever. Second: my son gobbled this series like nothing. He is a fan. Third: I began reading the first chapter 2 to 3 years ago and stopped but now you convinced me to give it another try!

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  3. My October was a mix of treating and tricking. I had a ton of exams, but I got an A on all of them but one! So at the end it was all worth it. I really liked Logan, but it isn’t a movie I’d want to watch multiple times. It’s just so…sad? Also good, but very sad. Heading over to your reviews for NSFW and The Sun is Also A Star. I really liked The Sun is Also a Star when I first read it, but it hasn’t left a lasting impact. 😦 I hope your November is better than your “okay” October!

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    • Yaayie! 😀
      I already reviewed it, if you click on that link you’ll be directed towards my review. I will definitely be waiting to see what you thought about it.

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    • Godsgrave was aweeeeeesome!! I finished it and I need the next book so badly!! I hope you enjoy this series when you pick it up! Happy reading. ❤

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  4. Ohh you had such a good reading AND reviewing month, Poulami, this is so great. I wish I could review just as much as you do ahah 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on Wonder Woman, just like you, I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews for this book, I hope you’ll end up enjoyiing it 🙂
    Hope you’ll have a lovely month! xx

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  5. I also had an okay-ish reading month but I’m hoping to read more books In November. I recently bought Wonder Woman but I haven’t started it yet and I also bought Shatter Me boxset for only 620 RS/- in Amazon. The covers looks so gorgeous! I already binge read this trilogy in my ereader and with the upcoming release of the fourth book, I finally got an excuse to read this whole series once again. And I also want to share this amazing app called “Book Chor” which I recently found. They sell both second hand/new books and they really have a good collection with reasonable prices.
    Anways, I hope you have a great November and happy reading! 🙂

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    • Me too!! Wow, that’s good. I hope you enjoy re-reading it. Personally, I am not much of a fond of this series but I’m glad you love it. And I have to agree, the covers are indeed gorgeous, especially the new one.
      Yeah, I know about that but most of the books that I want to read aren’t there so Amazon is my only hope for now.
      Happy reading to you too! ❤

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  6. AHHH!!! SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAD A GREAT READING MONTH, Poulami. 😁 I did not read EVEN THE HALF of what you read AND reviewed. BRAVO! 😘❤

    HEYYYY!! I WATCHED IT too. HAHA… Just a week ago. Me and my brother watched it together. Yeah, it wasn’t that scary but I DID END UP ENJOYING IT. The story of their friendship was REALLY MOVING. ❤ And that girl’s father (DAMN! I FORGOT THE NAME ALREADY??! 🤣) I HATED HIM….HOW DARE HE??!! HOW…..HOW DARE HEE??!?! Glad he died. But I gotta admit, that clown was CREEPY AF. I watched it past midnight and had to turn the whole house’s lights on JUST TO GET A GLASS OF WATER. 😂😂 I just expected to see a red balloon any second.

    And seems like you are enjoying GODSGRAVE. OFCOURSE, IT IS AMAZING. I had to put it on hold to read some ARCs which are getting released in the first week if November. So, I gotta review them but once I am done, I AM GOING TO READ THE HELL OUT OF Godsgrave. 😂

    Well, here’s to hoping that November will bring LOTS OF JOY AND FUN AND LOVE in your life. 😘❤❤

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    • Yep! Although I didn’t read that much but the ones I read were good enough! 😀
      Yeeees, I felt so enraged and I was happy when he met his end. And that was the point, Pennywise indeed crept me out!! And omo, I can relate! XD

      I hope you can start with it soon enough, I’m probably gonna finish it tomorrow but I am actually scared to read the last few pages!! I don’t want it to end and I have a feeling a lot of shit is about to go down!!

      Yes, yes!! ❤


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